Ikea Furniture That Encourages Children's Creativity

Hands-on games and activities encourage children's creativity and learning, while also allowing them to express themselves freely. Ikea furniture is a great way to spark their imagination.
Ikea Furniture That Encourages Children's Creativity

Last update: 11 March, 2021

The atmosphere you create for your children’s rooms is extremely important. Furniture and decoration play a vital role in sparking their creativity.

Children should feel comfortable letting their imaginations run wild. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how renovating their rooms with Ikea furniture will transform the space into a safe haven to let their imagination run wild.

Learning through creative play

Decorate your children's rooms with their artwork, showcasing their creativity.

Children develop their imagination through creative play. Decorate your children’s rooms in an inspiring way. Designate a section of the wall for their drawings and paintings.

Sit down with your children and pick out their favorite drawing, then frame it. This will make them proud and boost their motivation.

To foster this creative streak, take a look at the FLISAT children’s table, along with the LUSTIGT arts and crafts box. Why not buy FISKBO frames for their artwork and LUSTIGT paint rollers for them to paint with.

The perfect Ikea furniture to encourage children’s creativity

Besides toys, incorporate other elements into your children’s rooms to encourage their creativity, which we’ll explore in further detail below.


Build a bookshelf for your children's artwork, toys, and books.

Bookcases showcase your children’s favorite stories, and as you know, children love stories. Through age-appropriate books, they will develop their imagination and interest in reading.


Desks encourage children's creativity by providing them a space to draw and read.

Your children can draw, read, and play at their desks. If their bedroom is small, section off a small corner for the desk. The FLISAT desk is an excellent choice, accompanied by the JULES desk chair.

Drawing table

If your house is big enough for a spacious children’s room, set up a drawing table. Arrange it with crayons, markers, and paint to bring out your children’s artistic side.

The YPPERLIG drawing table and LUSTIGT arts and crafts box, paint roller, and paper roll are ideal for this.

Many specialists agree that fostering creativity in children and allowing them to express themselves freely makes them more self-confident. This increases their self-esteem and their ability to socialize.


You have two options here: place a cloth on the wall and provide some chalkboard paint or simply place a chalkboard on an easel. With the latter option, you won’t have to clean the walls so often.

We recommend the MÅLA Whiteboard Easel, which you can complement with paints, markers, and the MÅLA paper roll.

Frames for drawings and paintings

Frame your little one’s artwork. This stimulates their artistic side, which motivates them to continue creating works of art.

Use open shelves to place their drawings and paintings on. Check out the MOSSLANDA shelf for paintings and the FISKBO frame.

Toys to encourage children’s creativity

Toys give children the opportunity to let their imagination run wild.

At IKEA, you can find a wide variety of toys to help your children develop their intellect, reasoning, and creativity.

Role-playing games with characters are particularly important. For example, with stuffed animals, children can live out adventures that are the product of their imagination.

Creativity with order

Make sure your children’s rooms are well organized. With everything in place, they can easily find what they’re looking for the next time they want to play.

TROFAST storage containers keep toys and art supplies organized, and you can combine open and closed storage options.

Ikea furniture fosters children’s creativity and development at a young age. It’s not just about having a playroom, but an atmosphere conducive to a fun and rewarding learning experience.

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