Canopy Beds Fit for Princesses

Decorate your daughter's room with a canopy bed and make her feel like a princess!
Canopy Beds Fit for Princesses

Last update: 22 October, 2019

Every little girl has dreamed about being a princess at one point or another. A pink bedroom full of dolls and a beautiful bed are also common items on the wish-list. If you want to surprise your daughter and make her feel like a princess, you should consider a canopy bed. In our post today, we’ll fill you in on everything you need to know about canopy beds.

Canopy beds completely change the setting of a bedroom. With a canopy bed, a bedroom transforms into a romantic space with a special luxurious feel. But the surrounding decor needs to complement the canopy to create an overall decor balance.

Complement canopy beds with the right pillows, blankets, comforters, and curtains. In other words, dress up the entire room so that the bed isn’t the sole focal point. But among all of the decorative accessories, the canopy bed should stand out the most, depending on what kind of setting you want to create. By choosing the right complementary pieces, you’ll give the canopy bed center stage.

Aspects to consider before setting up a canopy

canopy beds aspects

Before you set up a canopy, you should first consider its dimensions. To find the best size, start by measuring the bed and the height of the ceiling. Also, take note of the space around the bed.

Once you have your measurements, buy a model that best suits your needs. If the bed isn’t against a wall, consider a canopy with fold-out sides to partially enclose the bed.

If you have high ceilings, circular canopies will work great. Though they take up a considerable amount of space, they look beautiful and completely change a setting.

You can also purchase accessories like bows, ropes or fabrics to tie back the canopy with style.

Tips for decorating a canopy bed

canopy beds tips

Canopies are a decorative element with the obvious purpose of turning heads. But in order to hang or set them up correctly, you need to take certain factors into consideration.

Check out our tips below to make sure you avoid mistakes. Make your canopy shine without becoming a bother in the everyday.

Don’t put focal points around the canopy

The best way to give your canopy the spotlight is by keeping it clearly in sight. Make sure to keep the space around it free and avoid placing anything next to it. Try to use a headboard that isn’t very noticeable. In addition, keep pictures at a certain distance from the canopy. Failing to do so could result in a cluttered setting.

Choose a semi-transparent canopy with volume

canopy beds semi transparent

You can find all kinds of canopies at home decor stores. But we recommend models that use a semi-transparent fabric with plenty of volume. This sort of fabric ensures a setting that’s comfortable and not overwhelming.

Also keep in mind that most of the time, your canopy will be tied back. Fabrics with plenty of volume make the best option because they look beautiful, filling in empty wall space.

Don’t forget that this canopy is for a children’s room. Children will inevitably play with it by tugging, opening, closing… Make sure you look for a strong, resilient fabric. Such options might be more expensive, but it’s a worthy investment.

Always put comfort first

When shopping, we often see something we like and impulsively want to buy it. But before taking out your wallet, think about if it’s comfortable or not. A magazine-cover-worthy bedroom is all for nothing if it’s not comfortable for everyday use.

Always look for a balance between comfort and decor to offer your little girl a beautiful room where she can study and rest comfortably.

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