Printed Toilet Paper - An Original Touch to Your Bathroom

Printed toilet paper is a special item for decorating the bathroom that breaks with classic trends and opens up new and stylish possibilities.
Printed Toilet Paper - An Original Touch to Your Bathroom

Last update: 17 October, 2020

Printed toilet paper will give an original touch to your bathroom. It’s all about the details. This is a great way to surprise your guests and show that, through small decor items, you can make your home a much more dynamic place.

Generally, people focus the decor of the interiors with certain elements: the cushions, the curtains, the upholstery, the carpets, etc. You can use prints on them to give a room a certain theme.

In bathrooms, people usually focus on the shower curtain, towels, bathrobes, and furniture. However, there’s an item that often goes unnoticed and can offer a unique character to the room.

The aesthetic function of toilet paper

Some Euro themed paper.

Everyone knows what the function of toilet paper is. Basically, you use it for personal hygiene. And, for this reason, you don’t usually complicate your life by choosing one that’s expensive or that offers an extraordinary advantage.

It’s usually placed on a special holder, being relegated to a second place within the bathroom. In fact, it’d be a bit strange to give it more importance than other items in the bathroom.

On the other hand, it could be more interesting or become a useful product for the decor. Obviously, it won’t lose its original function – it’ll continue to be an indispensable tool in everyday life, just with a special touch.

It’s time to break away from cliches and open up new decorative approaches.

Four types of printed toilet paper

Printed toilet paper can be your chance to change the environment. Furthermore, you can change the theme and create a more dynamic and unique feeling. So, below we’ll tell you about 4 types that are currently on the market:

  1. One of the most common is newsprint toilet paper. Images, news, headlines, texts, etc. are represented, in black and white with different stories, which are apparently real.
  2. There are also toilet rolls printed with euro or dollar bills. The aim is for you to feel you’re rich enough to clean yourself with money. Undoubtedly, this is an item to make your guests laugh.
  3. As for the more conventional ones, you can find prints of fruits, animals, vegetables, TV characters, cartoons, geometric shapes, traffic signs, etc. There’s a great variety and it’s all just a matter of choosing the one you like the most.
  4. Lately, sudoku printed toilet paper is becoming really popular. It’s a way to entertain yourself during the time you spend sitting on the toilet.

Personalized prints

Some personalized printed toilet paper.

Another idea that’s becoming popular is the personalization of prints. There are companies dedicated to making toilet paper with your desired print, whether for a gift or a joke.

You can find all kinds of themes, as long as you supply an image or photo. For example, to demonstrate a romantic theme there are hearts, for Christmas, there are trees and gifts, etc. Emoticons are a popular choice as well.

There’s no doubt this is a unique item. Moreover, it transforms the bathroom and contrasts with the rest of the decor. In fact, it really stands out, being a daring but attractive item that breaks with the serious classic design that usually prevails in homes.

This decor trend is considered to be playful and casual.

Where can I get some?

Printed toilet paper isn’t easy to find. It’s usually found in specialized stores.

However, you can find it quite easily on the Internet. In fact, there are companies where you can ask for a specific theme and they’ll prepare the order in a few days, and can also apply it to the cardboard tube itself.

In short, this bathroom item is fresh and special. It’s a way of highlighting something that normally we take for granted.


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