Bathroom Soap Dispensers - a Clean and Healthy Solution

You can complement your bathroom with original, modern, and updated accessories. The variety of soap dispensers on the market is amazing!
Bathroom Soap Dispensers - a Clean and Healthy Solution

Last update: 09 August, 2020

Original resources that attract attention and that convert a room into an attractive place are an interesting choice. Therefore, let’s take a look at the different types of bathroom soap dispensers that exist.

Generally, people tend to limit themselves to having typical dispensers in keeping with traditional ideas. However, you might like some others that will help you modernize your bathroom.

In bar and restaurant bathrooms, you can find different types that provide comfort, facilitate the use of soap, and boost the aesthetics of the area. Therefore, why not apply the same in your home?

Types of bathroom soap dispensers – mobile soap dispensers

A beige mobile soap dispenser.

Probably the most common type in homes is mobile soap dispensers. In other words, those that people usually place on one side of the sink. Also, these are commercialized by decoration stores.

This is a container, of a geometric shape or a figure, with a dispenser on the upper part that people press to release the liquid soap.

They’re available in elegant designs, made of ceramic and stainless steel, or even plastic. In short, this type of dispenser is the simplest and, in turn, the cheapest.

For those who are more classic, traditional formats are a good option.

Wall-mounted soap dispensers

A wall mounted soap dispenser.

This type is less common in homes. However, it’s becoming increasingly popular in city apartments. It’s also a common dispenser in the hospitality industry. Also, it’s more hygienic for hand washing. Here are four types:

  1. The most common example is a wall-mounted dispenser with a rectangular container. When a person presses a button or lever, it dispenses liquid soap. This device saves sink space and, also, there’s no danger of it falling on the floor.
  2. Another type is the same system as the previous one but with a sensor that detects the person’s hands. In other words, it automatically dispenses soap when it detects movement. It’s’s good for personal hygiene, as you don’t have to touch a button.
  3. Another idea is to wall mount a mobile soap dispenser. All you have to press on the top to get the soap!
  4. A new format is spray soap dispensers with a design similar to the ones we mentioned above. You can find both mobile and wall-mounted ones. However, their particularity is the way they quickly dispense the soap in a spray.

Soap dispensers as figures

A snail dispenser.

If you want to give your bathroom a more lively touch, you can theme it with figures.

You can find soap dispensers in multiple shapes – animals (bears, whales, dolphins, rabbits…), movie characters (Mickey Mouse, Star Wars, Betty Boop…), a structure made of Lego pieces, a car, and many more.

With soap dispensers for children’s bathrooms, the sky’s the limit! You can find different figures to make it fun for children to wash their hands. Some examples are Pikachu, the Minions, Paw Patrol, SpongeBob Squarepants, a teddy bear…

Your goal is to make personal hygiene fun for children!

How to make a handmade soap dispenser

A DIY soap dispenser.

It’s easy to make your own soap dispenser! All you have to do is find a pot, glass, or plastic container. It needs to have an opening so that you can extract the soap.

A glass jar or a bottle are perfect options. Then, fit a dispenser tightly into the upper opening. The originality of the external design will depend entirely on your imagination.


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