5 Changes to Make in Your Bathroom that You'll Love

Find out about the changes that you can make in your bathroom that you'll love. They range from the flooring to personal, unique and small details.
5 Changes to Make in Your Bathroom that You'll Love

Last update: 05 September, 2021

There are a number of changes to make in your bathroom that’ll transform this space and you’ll certainly love them. If you have the budget to implement all these changes, that’s great. If not, don’t worry, just invest in a few ideas to get a completely new look.

Regardless of whether your bathroom is small or large, there are many things you can do. Some of these changes don’t even represent the execution of works. Therefore, they don’t require a large economic investment. Do you want to know more? Go ahead, keep reading!

The five changes to make in your bathroom that you’ll love

Let’s face it, a dark bathroom is lifeless, and without that special touch that customization brings, it doesn’t make for a harmonious environment. Therefore, we’ll share the five changes that you can make in your bathroom–that ideal place to go beyond traditional use.

Some changes may require a lot of money to be spent and others a moderate investment. These range from a subtle change of accessories to the installation of a new floor.

1. The decorative style

Decorative items for the bathroom

Many people consider the bathroom an isolated area and therefore they leave it out of the decorative style that they’ve implemented in other spaces. If this is your case, it’s time to leave that idea behind and decorate under other standards. Some of the options are:

  • Functional bathrooms: a style in which practicality and accessibility prevail. Therefore, there are few elements, focusing on the necessary ones. Still, it’s characterized by being simple, modern and elegant.
  • Rustic bathrooms: this is a style that evokes grandma’s home in perfect balance with modernity. Wooden floors and beams prevail, textures on the walls and, if space allows, it’s the perfect style to introduce a bathtub.
  • Minimalist bathrooms: minimalism is the perfect style for small bathrooms, as it proposes to have the essentials perfectly organized. It produces a feeling of cleanliness and perfect simplicity.

2. Toilets


One of the changes to make in your bathroom that you’re going to love includes the renovation of the toilets. Today, toilets in colors such as pink, olive green or light blue are not used as much. The trend is the use of black and white toilets, which are elegant and play very well with different decorative styles.

But color isn’t everything, the market offers us different styles in terms of the shape of the accessory. In addition, there’s a variety of drainage systems that are more efficient and represent savings in water costs. Check how modern your toilet is and don’t be afraid to change it.

The investment in time and money for the works may not attract much attention at first, but think about the benefit you’ll obtain in the long term.

3. Walls and flooring

Wooden floor.

The tiles or ceramics on the floor and walls wear out over the years, and of course they can go out of style. But, many people limit themselves and avoid changing them because the investment is actually quite high.

However, when you don’t have enough savings to make this drastic change, the solution is to install vinyl that’s installed over old floors and walls. The great advantage is that they imitate materials such as wood and brick, among others, and at a more affordable price.

4. Storage spaces

Paint the bathroom light blue.

Furniture has also been changing over time. Many bathrooms still have storage spaces with too many compartments and that are now out of style. Therefore, another of the economic changes to make in your bathroom includes the renovation of that furniture.

The idea is to start with a purification to remove things from the bathroom that you don’t use or that shouldn’t go there, and then choose custom furniture. It’ll even make a big difference if you find that you don’t need to have them. In that case, opt for shelves to add color and hold some accessories.

5. The little details

Ferns for the bath.

The last of the changes to make in your bathroom includes personalization and inclusion through the small details. For example, put some plants suitable for the bathroom, change traditional lights for a lamp, include a rug or use baskets to store toilet paper or towels.

All those little details make the difference and will lead you to have a different and renewed bathroom.