Brick Walls: White or Natural?

If you want to switch your home decor up with brick walls, here are some ideas and tips.
Brick Walls: White or Natural?

Last update: 28 January, 2021

Bricks are a construction material that are finding their way into more and more home interior designs. Bricks are rugged, cold materials and work in decor natural or painted. Brick walls are a hot trend these days and add plenty of character to any setting.

So today, we want to show the different ways to use both natural and white brick walls. Both of these very different options will create an equally unique decor.

Both natural and white brick walls are a strong trend in interior decor. They’re especially popular for industrial-style homes or apartments.

Below, we want to show you the different options you have. What will you go for: white or natural brick walls?

Natural brick walls

Natural brick wall

Natural brick walls are your most traditional option. As a completely natural choice, they’ll match perfectly with neutral tones like black, gray, eggshell white and wood tones.

Natural brick walls could be a great way to  add an industrial feel to your home decor. Use the natural brick along with iron furniture, big wooden and metal staircases, leather couches and wooden tables.

Also, try hanging some pictures on your walls but don’t overwhelm them. Make sure the brick shines through and defines the space.

Colors and materials that match with brick

The colors that will always work with brick are black, eggshell white, brown, and gray. As for the materials that work with brick, steel, iron, metal, wood, and leather are perfect matches.

White brick walls

With white brick walls, you gain more freedom in decor and color options. Try painting your brick walls white and leaving their subtle texture just as it is. Or, try painting them in a darker color to create visual depth.

White walls will give you more color and texture possibilities for your room decor. And if you have big windows, white can enhance your room’s luminosity.

Use original lighting

Try installing neon light phrases on your walls. They could really create a fun decor for your walls. You can also try hanging yellow string lights on your white walls.

Choosing and matching colors

Using pastel colors to create a space with your white brick walls can create a beautiful setting. White and mint green, for example, is super trendy and will freshen up your space like you won’t believe.

You can also try using colorful furniture. Vintage lockers will fit in perfectly here.

Mixed natural and white brick walls

brick walls mixed

So far we’ve shared two brick wall options that you can use in your home interiors. But a third original idea is mixing them:

Half-painted walls

Half-painted walls are hot these days! Whether you paint them halfway or however much you want, the important thing is to not paint them entirely. You can try out this trend for yourself and paint your brick walls white halfway.

Paint individual bricks

You can also try painting a handful of individual bricks white. Make a figure or composition by using white and natural tones together creatively. This original idea will really add a special character to your walls.

As you’ve read with us today, you have plenty of design options. It all depends on what you want to add to your home decor. Think over the colors, textures, materials, and accessories that you’ll use in the setting and the walls themselves. White or natural? Pick your favorite option and make your home beautiful.