Want to Have a Fall Wedding? Read These Tips!

If you want jump onto the fall wedding train, there are some types of place that can guarantee you an amazing wedding. Combine your decoration with the colors of the environment for an unforgettable celebration.
Want to Have a Fall Wedding? Read These Tips!

Last update: 16 March, 2019

Thinking about having your wedding in the fall? It’s an amazing time of the year to affirm your love and say yes at the altar. But there are some things you have to keep in mind to make sure your celebration is a success. So, we’re going to give you some tips on how to plan a fall wedding, and where to throw it. 

Tips on how to plan a fall wedding

Most couples choose spring and summer for their weddings, but more and more people are starting to have theirs in the fall. There are some wonderful advantages to having a wedding in this season, like:

fall wedding decorations

1. Natural decorations

Fall is perfect because the orange, yellow, and brown colors are great for decorative combinations.  If you love rustic, country, and vintage styles, the months of fall are great for you because all their colors go perfectly together.

Nature will add its own romantic touch. You’ll just have to add a thing or two here and there. You can add branches, leaves, and flowers the same color as the walls, tables, or entryway. You can also use the dead leaves falling from trees for your invitations. You’ll save money and paper. To finish things off, add some rustic twine, and voilà, you’re all done!

2. Less money

If you don’t think you have the budget for a fancy wedding, have yours in the fall. The prices are much lower than they are in the spring and summer. You can spend the extra money on your honeymoon or on a bigger, more elaborate menu, for example.

3. Better lighting

This day will obviously live forever in your mind and heart, but it’s always good to have photos and videos to remember it by. Guess what? Fall has the perfect natural light for an open-air wedding. Plus, the natural setting makes an amazing backdrop, with all its orange, brown, and yellow leaves. No filter needed!

4. Details and menus

This is the last of our big tips for your fall wedding: you should give out gifts related to the season. Things like blankets or shawls are a great idea because they’ll also keep people warm in the chillier weather. You could even have a fire going! You’ll have a wonderful time with all your loved ones.

fall wedding menu

When it comes to the menu, warm dishes are best. Soups, casseroles, and warm desserts are all perfect ideas for your fall menu.

Tips on where to have your fall wedding

You might be surprised, but you can have a fall wedding in all kinds of places, both indoors and out:

1. A park or forest

These are perfect for a daytime wedding, as long as you have somewhere to go in case it rains or is cold outside. Fall is usually a more stable time of year weather-wise, but you should always be prepared for the worst.

2. An old farm

Lots of couples nowadays are having their weddings at farms outside of the city. These big old houses with amazing gardens are a great choice because you can celebrate both inside and out.

For example, lunch could be in the main room in the house and the ceremony could be out in the garden. You can also use one room for dancing and another for eating, and even move between them as the day goes on.

3. Event space

If you don’t want to risk letting the rain spoil your wedding day, or would rather have yours at night, an event space is just right for you.

But that doesn’t mean you should forget about your fall decorations. Find a place with big windows that look out onto a beautiful garden (trees too, ideally), or let a part of the wedding take place outside.

Having your wedding in fall is a wonderful idea, so follow our tips and start planning early and there’s no doubt it’ll be one of the most wonderful days ever!