The Bali Bed - The Perfect Backyard Item

From an aesthetic point of view, the Bali bed has multiple possibilities in the garden. In addition, it provides a peaceful place to rest in the open air.
The Bali Bed - The Perfect Backyard Item

Last update: 31 October, 2020

Outside your home, you can place different decor items and create a peaceful atmosphere. The idea is to disconnect and enjoy your personal time. So, a Bali bed could be just what you need.

The bedroom shouldn’t be the only place you can rest. It’s possible to create a recreational space and have some time for yourself or simply a place to share time with your loved ones.

So, being able to take advantage more of outdoor spaces is a reality. If you live in a temperate region where the weather is pleasant year-round, then you have the opportunity to open the decor to bigger more sophisticated ideas.

It’s time to transform your yard

A modern lounge spot beside the ocean.

Most people wouldn’t think of putting a bed outside. This enclosure isn’t usually used during the fall or winter. However, in the spring and summer, you can use it in many different ways.

The goal is to innovate and aesthetically achieve something different. However, to do this, you’ll need unique attractive out-of-the-ordinary garden furniture.

In this way, you can assure yourself a Bali bed is a safe bet. It’s not an item that’s usually in people’s houses. In fact, it’s quite exotic, different, and unique. This is a way to treat yourself.

The yard gets a facelift and is rejuvenated with originality.

The main characteristics of the Bali bed

Some palapas on the beach.

If you analyze the Bali bed, it doesn’t stand out for its functionality, but rather for the atmosphere it creates. It invites you to relax and disconnect. Let’s look at its 4 fundamental characteristics:

  1. There are two types: ones that have a bed for sleeping with a mattress and, others that are basically, to lie on or lean back slightly and rest but not sleep.
  2. The most alluring element is the canopy. Generally, it’s made of right-angled beams with curtains to provide privacy or block the light. Therefore, a cozy and private space is created which is perfect for couples.
  3. You can recline the headrest to become a kind of lounge chair. In this way, it adapts well to the body. It also usually comes with two large pillows to support your head or back.
  4. It’s not too high off the ground – about two feet. In this sense, it doesn’t take up too much space.

The color contribution of the Bali bed

A black Bali bed for relaxing.

Aesthetically the Bali bed is considerably important. If you look at the colors of the garden, green is going to predominate and, possibly, blue if there’s a swimming pool or water features. This way, as it’s a large piece of furniture, it must have a distinct contrasting harmonious color.

Normally, white’s the most common. Its sense of purity combines perfectly with the colors of the garden.

Earthy colors and light blues also work very nicely. Lately, one of the most trending colors is turquoise, which, mixed with the brown structure of the wood, produces a really unique effect.

Give your yard a sophisticated touch of innovation.

Choosing the right location for your Bali bed

When it comes time to choosing where to place the bed, it’s important to study the state of the yard and what you want to display. Being close to the swimming pool is obviously what most people want. It’s a way to feel like you’re at the beach.

Another option is creating a secluded chill out space or, for example, a private fort. The important thing is to disconnect and relax while establishing harmony with the yard.

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