Some Great DIY Wedding Ideas

If you want to turn your wedding into a fairytale day in an affordable, yet personalized way, then here are some great DIY wedding ideas.
Some Great DIY Wedding Ideas

Last update: 28 January, 2021

A wedding is, obviously, a very special moment in a couple’s life. For that reason, the bride and groom always want the best, so that they can enjoy their big day in the best way possible. So if you’d like to find out some great DIY wedding ideas, then don’t miss today’s post.

Organizing a wedding celebration means that you have to have certain aspects under control, such as the decorations, the banquet, the venue, and many other things. The problem with all this is just how expensive they can be.

If you like doing crafts and would like to bring your own personal touch to your wedding, as well as saving money, then here are some great DIY wedding ideas for you.

Personal invitations

DIY wedding ideas.
Wedding Invitation /

One of the most important things in many people’s eyes is the design of the wedding invitation that you send to your guests to let them know all the details of the event. However, many people also believe that wedding invitations are an unnecessary waste of money because they serve no real purpose.

If you think the same, or if you’d like to be original with your invitations, then we’d like to propose that you create them yourself.

  • One option is to make a video and send it to all your guests. In this way, the money you would have spent on the invitations could be used for something else.
  • Another lovely design idea is simply a picture of the two of you on a card, together with all the details of the event.
  • Printables: there is a great selection of wedding invitation designs online. You just need to add your own specific information and then print them.

Initials or other types of letters

Wedding initials.
Initials of the bride and groom /

Having big letters representing the bride and groom’s initials at the wedding venue is one of the most popular trends these days. The problem lies in how much they cost, and not being able to use them afterward due to their size.

If you’d really like to have them, then what about an economical DIY alternative for your wedding? You can make them using cork and then decorate them with whatever you like. You can make the letters in the size you want and then paint them, or cover them with glitter paper or flowers.

Posters and DIY signs for your wedding

Wedding signs.
Wedding posters /

Holding the wedding ceremony and the party in the same place is currently very fashionable. For this reason, you’ll need signage to guide your guests to the different areas – the restroom, the candy bar or any other areas that you’ll be having.

You can make these signs yourself using wooden planks in the form of signs, on which you write or paint whatever words you want. You can also design the display which shows the table distribution.

  • Choose a design that you like from the internet
  • Choose a font that you like
  • Print them out on paper, and voila!

Essential items for those special moments

Wedding items.
Rice /

Some elements have to be included in your wedding. Here are some examples of how to make these DIY wedding ideas.

  • Fans – if the wedding’s going to take place in the summer, then a good idea is to provide your guests with fans. And, thankfully, you can make customized fans in a very simple way. You’ll only need ice-cream sticks to which you stick a fan made from card. You can use nice shapes, such as hearts or butterflies to make them look effective.
  • Rice or petals – if you want your wedding pictures to be eye-catching, then you can use colored rice instead of white rice. To do this, just buy rice in different sizes and mix it yourself in small cloth bags. You can do the same with petals.
  • Small packs of handkerchiefs – Weddings are very emotional times, and so a great idea is to prepare small packs with around 3 handkerchiefs in each one. You can present the tissues in a small cardboard envelope along with the details of the wedding.

The candy bar

Candy bar.

One of the most popular parts of a wedding celebration these days is a candy bar. Some companies specialize in setting these up at weddings, but sometimes their prices aren’t suitable for all pockets.

If this is your case, but you’d really like to have this sweet treat on your wedding day, then you just have to buy your own jelly beans and other candies, along with some small glasses or jars to keep them in. Put a different type of candy in each one, and you’ll have your very own candy bar ready in no time!

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