5 Uniquely Shaped Welcome Mats

Try a uniquely shaped welcome mat for your home entrance. Here are some examples.
5 Uniquely Shaped Welcome Mats

Last update: 19 July, 2019

Aside from being a nice way to welcome guests to our home, welcome mats serve a hygienic purpose, too. They help keep dirt and grime at the door. They stop them being brought into the home thanks to their rough texture.

Traditional welcome mats are rectangular and have a solid color (or, sometimes they retain the color of their natural material). You can also find personalized mats or others with a welcoming message.

But there are also more original options out there. Here are some examples!

1. Watermelon welcome mat

You can find this welcome mat at Maisons du Monde. It measures 28 x 50 cm. The store Leroy Merlin also offers a similar product in a bigger size for 14.95 euros.

The Maisons du Monde mat costs 9.99 euros and has a shipping or pick-up option if you pay an additional 6.90 euros. Depending on where you live, the store offers free shipping if your total purchase exceeds 20 euros.

The watermelon has a half-circle shape, like a slice of a watermelon that’s been cut in half. It’s 42% coconut fiber and 58% PVC. In addition, it’s completely recyclable so when you’re done with it, you can take it to your city’s recycle center.

Maisons du Monde also offers a pineapple welcome mat, which fits perfectly with the tropical decor trend that’s been popular lately. Along with the pineapple, you can also find a cactus mat, which is a popular motif for clothes, wallpaper or accessories.

2. Bus welcome mat

welcome mat bus

Leroy Merlin offers a welcome mat that looks like an iconic red, double-decker London bus.

It measures 75 x 43 cm and is made to be very resistant with natural coconut and anti-slip PVC. To maintain it, you just need to brush it every once in a while.

It costs 11.95 euros. Currently, you can only purchase it physically at a store. But you can check to see if they’re in stock on the website (link in Spanish).

Some homes use those classic British phone booths as yard decor. They could be a perfect match with this welcome mat. The store Zatton offers a taxi welcome mat (link in Spanish) for 12.95 euros that could tie everything together.

3. Owl welcome mats

Another mat that Leroy Merlin offers is this pair of owls. The owl on the left is pink with polka dots and the other on the right is green with a pattern in a darker shade of green. It’s 43 x 75 cm in size.

This mat is made of the same materials as the bus mat. But unlike the former, you can purchase it online for 7.95 euros.

Like the other mats available at the store, you only need to brush it to keep it clean.

welcome mat owls

4. Lollipop welcome mat

This fun mat is available at the store Tienda Dcasa. It’s 40 x 70 cm in size and similar to the mats at Leroy Merlin, is made of natural coconut fiber and anti-slip PVC.

It costs 18.95 euros, is pink and perfect for homes with children.

5. Shoe welcome mat

The last mat on our list is from Zatton. It’s in a shoe shape– a Converse.

Like the other mats, it’s made with natural coconut fiber and anti-slip PVC, which is ideal. It costs 12.95 euros.

Zatton also offers a puppy (which would be an incredibly cute option if you have a pet), tire, scale, surfboard mats… You can browse a large variety of shapes and designs. They’re all also quite economic.

As you’ve read with us today, you can decorate your front door with a fun, original mat. Remember, it’s the first thing your guests will see and will help them form their first impressions.

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