Keys for Contemporary London Decor

Today is all about a reinvented contemporary London decor. It's perfect for creating sophisticated settings that never go out of style.
Keys for Contemporary London Decor

Last update: 26 June, 2019

Want to create a home decor that has a London feel? Today, we’re taking a trip to the heart of London and reinventing its classic decor style. Nowadays, contemporary London decor is turning heads. In our post today, we want to show you how to create it!

This decor style uses the most iconic decor elements of a pure urban English decor to create a new setting.

Contemporary London decor is historic but includes modern additions. As a result, you can create incredible rooms. The decor is timeless and has a clear objective: to continue being a top inspiration for years to come.

Simply put, it’s lasting elegance. Today’s decor style maintains London’s historic charm while combining other elements and classic London colors. And don’t forget materials such as chintz, marble and big golden mirrors. The final result will fill your setting with a royal contemporary air!

Architectural characteristics

contemporary London architectural

Despite being an interior design style that’s been completely reinvented, this new take on London decor maintains the architectural components that define the city.

Classic British window ledges, windows, fireplaces, stairs, and panels all have a continued presence. However, contemporary London-style fireplaces lean more towards designs from the 20s. These designs aimed for timelessness and sophistication, which is the backbone of contemporary London decor.

In addition, upholstered walls work well and scattered brass details are another traditional English decor resource. Lastly, traditional London architectural elements, such as sash windows, add historical detail and work perfectly as well.

Sophisticated colors

contemporary London colors

Traditional London decor has always featured a special color palette. And even today, it remains the same. It’s all about blue: light and marine blue are the star colors in London-style settings. The palette even allows for a little dark green and minimal dark pink accents as well.

However, neutral tones create the contrast in classic London palettes; stone grays and other neutral tones such as beige are prime examples. Besides the base palette, stronger pops of color highlight focal points.

These colors create a wonderful balance and have always been around in British interior design. In short, they reflect the soul of London while creating relaxed, sophisticated and timeless spaces.

Contemporary London-style furniture

contemporary London furniture

To create a contemporary London-style setting, using the right furniture pieces is key. Furniture has to match aesthetically and size-wise. Round shapes are key for creating the right decor. Also keep in mind that contemporary London decor is a mix of Art Deco and minimalism.

Couches should be curved, and tables round. The whole set must create a feminine, melodious setting. In addition, modern-style refined furniture pieces that use traditional materials are key. Last but not least, marble tables are classic.

Unlike traditional British decor, contemporary London decor uses pieces that aren’t especially detailed. Instead of details, they’re all about simplicity. As a result, the decor shies away from heavy woods or lavish embellishment.

contemporary London art

London has always been an Art mecca and attracts countless artists while creating countless trends. Not surprisingly, contemporary London interior decor honors art and transforms rooms into art galleries.

Big art pieces, abstract monolithic sculptures full of textures and curves fit in this decor style.

Walls harbor collections of carefully obtained pieces. In addition, big mirrors are also a must– think of them as another piece of art.

In contemporary London decor, luxurious silk rugs cover floors.

Lastly, decorative accessories also enhance the space. Some examples might include a glamorous table decor with exquisite lacquered trays, hand-painted vases, and candles with lavish fragrances. Whatever the piece, careful consideration is essential for creating the sensation that the decor came together perfectly little by little over time.