Believe It or Not, Victorian Style is Trending!

If you want to feel part of the English aristocracy, why not let a Victorian-style splash your home? The popular Netflix series, Bridgertons is to blame for this trend.
Believe It or Not, Victorian Style is Trending!

Last update: 16 May, 2021

The luxurious and exuberant baroque style of mid-19th century England is in vogue. The blame for this lies with Netflix and specifically, Bridgertons. This was one of the series that has managed to break audience records and has caused people to bring the Victorian style to their homes.

If you want to splash your rooms with romance, but don’t want to give up the comforts and functionality of the 21st century, in this article we’ll give you the keys to achieving it.

Victorian style arrives via Netflix

Velvet daybed

On the day of its premiere, the streaming platform reported 83 million views. If you’ve been one of those who succumbed to the charms of this large family, surely you’ll understand its success? The passions unleashed by the series based on the novels of Julia Quinn have been widely reported.

Love affairs between Daphne Bridgerton and the Duke of Hasting aside, the world of fashion and decoration has also been peppered with the phenomenon.

While you’ll see embroidered dresses, lantern sleeves, baroque jewelry, and corsets in the shops, the interior decoration makes sumptuous nods to luxury and exuberance. Do you want to know how to implement this style in your home? Don’t miss our tips!

Armchairs suitable for nobility

The sofa is the main piece of most modern living rooms. But if you travel back in time, armchairs and chaise longues, take center stage.

Add a velvet armchair with quilting to the mix and you’ll have the perfect reading corner to feel as if you’re aristocracy. Put it next to a paneled window for a dramatic and authentic effect.

Flowers, flowers and more flowers

If you’ve seen the series, you’ll have noticed the amount of flowers that adorned the houses of that time. Without going any further, the facade of the Bridgerton mansion is covered in purple Wisteria. Pure fantasy.

Inside, flower arrangements adorn each room with flamboyant color. If they can do it, so can you! Allow yourself to enjoy them and place them on the bookcase, on the coffee table over the fireplace, and on the dining table. The key is that they’re romantically inspired and colorful, but delicate and subtle, such as roses or freesias.

Of course, don’t limit yourself to having them in their natural form. Add flower prints everywhere. Dare to be bold with floral curtains and sofas or floral patterned cushions if you want to be more discreet.

Victorian style accessories


The decoration is made of small details. Beyond the furniture, some accessories promise to turn your home into a period mansion. Try putting a crystal chandelier in your dining room or bedroom,

Another factor to take into account when converting your home into a Victorian-style is gold accessories. They’re essential touches that you can add to your moldings, baseboards, furniture, or mirrors. The latter have been a trend for a long time, so if you don’t have one, get one as soon as possible.

Finally, you can’t miss a tea set. There’s nothing more British than a set of romantic-inspired porcelain mugs. Locate it well, either in a display case or on a side table.

Opulence is heaven

Or rather, in this case, opulence is ceilings. There, too, the Bridgerton luxury was noticeable, since they were full of moldings and shapes that surrounded the huge lamps. Maybe that’s too much, but you can add some details that take on this look.

Have you seen how easy it is to bring the Victorian style to your home? Think luxury, eye-catching elements, rich textures and rococo embellishments, and simply adapt them to the modern style.

You can just add a few strokes, creating eclectic and very personal spaces. Wallpaper, large paintings with carved frames and other elements will help you to create an atmosphere that’s also worthy of ‘The Bridgertons’.