Nordic Style Armchairs: Pure Shapes

These armchairs are increasingly popular in interior design - they are easy to incorporate and, above all, incredibly comfortable.
Nordic Style Armchairs: Pure Shapes

Last update: 05 February, 2021

If you’re on the lookout for a functional, decorative object that looks quirky and attractive, you can turn to Nordic style armchairs. These are known for the purity of their shapes and lines.

Generally, you should look for aesthetic trends that are both attractive and unique and not just repeat cliched looks. However, if you fall in love with a more typical design, there are ways to successfully integrate it into your home.

You’ll find all kinds of armchairs on the market, ranging from the most basic and functional styles to sophisticated and baroque. You can choose those that you really like, and then combine them harmoniously with the rest of your home decor.

Pure, simple shapes look good at home

nordic seats

What do we mean by pure shapes? Basically, this concept relates to simplicity and simple design – a simple style without angles and formats that can look too sharp or exaggerated.

In this style, the plasticity of the material can be seen clearly; the sides of the furniture are modeled and softened gently. Not overly expressive style or abruptness dominates the piece.

In this sense, Nordic style armchairs are an excellent example of good, simple design. They boast an innovative design that fits very well in contemporary spaces; that is, it is in line with innovation and modernity. They’re amazing because they’re incredibly elegant, yet also informal.

When the decoration is rich, spaces ooze sophistication.

Main characteristics of Nordic style armchairs

Before you choose a particular model, you should know what its qualities are, what they can bring to your home, how they can be used in avant-garde interiors, and how you can combine them at home.

  • As mentioned above, their style is simple and clean-cut, so they can be combined easily with other things and they don’t look too flashy. These pieces fit very well wherever they are.
  • There are armchair styles with completely curved sides, which look sophisticated and delicate – they convey a sense of calm and serenity.
  • The back of these armchairs is usually striking. It tends to be wide and big and feel comfortable and calm. After all, comfort is what they were made for! Besides, the armchair shape is somewhat open, since the armrests also remain open at the sides.
  • The colors are usually smooth and they don’t contrast hugely with the environment; they feel neutral but they bring a feeling of harmony to the space. These pieces are usually made in subtle colors: garnets, greys, whites, blues, pastels, etc.
  • They’re not high. In fact, they are usually low and they have a modern look. In this way, they can add to the decoration, but without dominating the space.

Materials and textures

nordic style armchairs

polyesteris the most common material you’ll find,

This material is pleasant to touch and it doesn’t make you sweat in the summer.  It feels comfortable and soft, and it never gets stifling, especially if you compare it with leather or cotton.

There are also other available materials and textures, but polyester is the most common nowadays.

Where should I place a Nordic style armchair?

Nordic style armchairs look great in the living room.  They are perfect next to a coffee table, forming a cozy spot where you can hang out with your guests or curl up and read a book. In general, these pieces are striking and they look great anywhere in the living room.

However, it isn’t a good idea to use these chairs for a dining room; normally, they’re used for more relaxed situations because of their softness and shape. They’re comfortable, pleasant, and suitable for relaxing in.

However, while Nordic style armchairs are a great option for a living room;  they don’t make that much sense in the bedroom. As you can see, they work best in spaces where kicking back and relaxing is the most important activity.

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