Shower Doors and Their Many Forms

Are you looking for a shower door? Make sure you know your options and what each one can offer.
Shower Doors and Their Many Forms

Last update: 28 January, 2021

Bathrooms offer all kinds of decor options. You can use toilets and colors alike as decor tools to create a setting. So today, we want to show you the different kinds of shower doors out there and what they can do for your bathroom decor.

Most of us decorate our bathrooms a little differently than we decorate the rest of our homes. Bathroom decor tends to differ because the room itself serves a specific purpose. Also, the materials and plumbing installations also create different decor.

Shower doors come in a huge variety. When you browse shower doors, think about how you want to use it and the decor style as well. It might be hard to believe but your choice can reflect who you are.

Are classic options outdated?

shower doors classic

Classic models have been around since the thirties. They usually feature a wide frame structure that covers all four sides and is white. Their color and structure are hard to miss.

The frames of the structure are usually 5 centimeters wide. Rather than decorative, classic models are mainly practical, sturdy options.

But why are the classic options falling out of style these days? They break easily. Also, they also collect grime and the features don’t work well on these models. Consequently, today there are less classic models available on the market.

New trends are coming through and look for practical yet decorative solutions. —

Modernity hits homes – 4 characteristics

There’s no question about it – cleaner, more practical designs are more popular today and they make everyday life more convenient. Being easy to clean and long-lasting, they’re safe bets for a great bathroom. Let’s take a look at some characteristics of a modern bathroom:

  • Basic, functional design. Modern bathrooms have a clean look that’s free of clunky structures. Some shower door models solely use glass and don’t need a supporting structure.
  • Try to avoid models with a bottom rail. Instead, look for one that has clear access without any barriers. There’s nothing worse than built-up grime or a broken sliding system that blocks your door.
  • Other shower doors open outwards. These models usually have a smart closing system that uses some type of filler or pad. They work great for years on end.
  • A minimalist shower door is also a great choice. Being minimalist, these models will feature straight, clear lines that create a contemporary decor that’s still practical.

Transparent or opaque?

You also have to take your personal privacy preferences into account when choosing a shower door. Moments in the shower are moments for you. You don’t have to expose anything nor do you have to look a certain way when you take a shower.

Taking that into consideration, choose the material of your shower door. Remember that your choice will affect your overall bathroom decor. Shower doors can be opaque or even frosted; the latter allows light to filter through but aptly covers what’s inside.

Or, you can choose transparent shower doors instead and leave everything in view. Transparent models will allow you to see what’s inside and all the tiles in addition to helping your bathroom seem bigger.

Curved or straight doors?

Shower doors can have two forms: curved or straight. Both of them work just as well as the other and neither of them is a better choice.

But consider where you plan on installing them before making your  decision. By thinking your plan through before selecting your shower doors, you can avoid problems and be sure that you’re making the best choice for your bathroom.

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