Good Ideas to Organize Your Living Room

Usually, the living room is a place where several environments coexist. Good organization is the key to achieving a more spacious, comfortable, and tidy space.
Good Ideas to Organize Your Living Room

Last update: 20 August, 2020

To organize your living room correctly, you must pay attention to its shape and fixed elements (windows, doors, and fireplaces), since they’ll determine how and where to locate your furniture and other decorative items. In this article, we’ll give you some ideas to organize your living room. You’ll see that you don’t need a lot of space to accomplish this goal!

Good ideas to organize your living room

David Collins living room.
Living room /

On many occasions, you may want to organize their living rooms inspired by those dreamy living rooms they see in the best home decorating magazines. But you should ask yourself if it’s possible.

In this article, we’ll share different decorative solutions. A good tip is to closely evaluate them to see which one best suits the needs of your living room.

1. Two angled pieces in a long narrow living room

In living rooms with these characteristics, a good solution is to choose a single sofa and an armchair placed in an “L”. Put the biggest piece against the wall so you leave room to move around.

2. A large sofa under the window

A white couch in a living room.

If you want to place a sofa under a large window, it’s best to choose a low back model, of about 30 inches. This way, you’ll ensure that you can open your window without any problems and it’ll also provide a feeling of spaciousness.

3. Organize your living room with a sofa or armchairs as dividers

In living room-dining room combos, a good option to separate the two areas without losing continuity is to use a sofa or a pair of armchairs as dividers.

4. Two parallel sofas

You should use two parallel sofas if your living room is wide and square, with walls over 13 feet long. Also, you can put a bookcase on the right wall and leave the other wall free, as a passing place.

5. A U-shaped living room

A "U" shaped living room.
Nate Berkus Lounge.

In very large living rooms, a solution that gives this place more privacy is placing the seating areas in a “U”. You can achieve this by putting two sofas at an angle and an armchair and a pouf can close the “U”. Another good option is to combine three sofas.

6. A sofa and a folding chair

In very small living rooms, there’s usually no choice but to place a single sofa on the longest wall. But if you want more seating space, you can opt for a folding chair. If you also decide to have a coffee table, it shouldn’t be too big or it will overload the space.

7. Ideas to include a study area

A small lounge with an office.

To create a comfortable study area in your living room, it’s ideal to have a 39×55 inch corner. Set up a desk that’s not too deep to save some space. You can also have a wing chair and a floor lamp to create a pleasant reading corner in this area.

8. A corner with more seats

In living rooms with a corner of at least 6×9 feet, a corner sofa is a solution that gives you the most seating space. It’s a good idea for you to also have a low bookcase and a coffee table with shelves and wheels.

9. With a fireplace and library

A fireplace in a living room.
Living room /

Being able to enjoy a fireplace when sitting on your sofa is the foundation of the distribution of many living rooms. In these cases, the ideal thing is to place them around it, either in the form of an “L” or a “U”, an approximate 31 inches from the fire. Also, you could have an armchair with wheels and a large bookcase that occupies the entire wall.

10. Organize your living room with a reading area of approximately 21 ft²

A bright corner of this size is enough to create a comfortable reading area in your living room. Also, you can add a comfy chaise longue and a floor lamp to this area. They’ll look amazing!

11. Two-level living rooms

Very spacious living rooms, over 320 ft², can be easily split into several spaces. To divide them, you can create stair risers that create two spaces at different heights. We advise you to place the heaviest furniture on the lower level.

12. A symmetrical living room

You can arrange all the furniture in parallel by choosing, for example, the fireplace as the central point. To accentuate the sense of order, you can reproduce the same decorative scheme on both sides, using two identical sofas and two armchairs.

Do you like our ideas? We hope this article has inspired you!

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