5 Sofa Ideas for 2018/19

Here are some interesting sofa ideas to help you pick out the right one for your space!
5 Sofa Ideas for 2018/19

Last update: 04 October, 2018

New, exciting styles are coming out in the interior design world. Get up-to-date with the latest on living room furniture and check our sofa ideas for 2018/19.

Sofas are essential in any home; they represent relaxation, comfort, and rest. And that’s exactly why you should be careful what design and materials you choose. Without further ado, let’s look at some ideas to help you shop for a sofa for your home.

1st idea: the upholstery

How comfortable your couch is depends a lot on what fabric it is upholstered in. Soft leather is a sign of quality, but be careful because you’ll also see low-quality faux leather for sale. With daily use, you’ll see cracks, worn spots, faded color, and less softness.

A good sofa that will stand the test of time will be made of leather, fabric, or microfiber. Make sure that the store you buy yours from offers a warranty or some other kind of quality guarantee.

Leather sofa in living room.

2nd idea: L-shape sofa

Most people have a regular straight sofa with three cushions which is easy to arrange in your living room. But how about switching up the design? Lately L-shape sofas are becoming very popular.

IKEA, for example, is seeing higher sales of this kind of couch. Why is that? Because they’re comfortable and different. However, they can be hard to arrange in your living room. You’ll need a big enough space for it to not be in the way.

A gray L-shaped sofa.

3rd idea: reclining sofa

At the end of a long, hard day, you need to release the stress and tiredness from your body. Start by choosing a sofa that can help you out on that front. While they may be bigger than regular couches and cost more, reclining sofas are wonderful for naps. 

You might be used to reclining chairs, but there are now other options on the market. Full-sized sofas with three seats are still best sellers. You can find reclining couches in leather or fabric.

A brown leather sofa.

4th idea: the importance of color

Picking a color turns out to be not so easy. You might find a sofa with a shape and fabric you love, but then you don’t like the color. In 2018/19, gray and earth tones are in. That’s good news, since they work with any home decor.

Here are some suggestions for picking a sofa color:

  • Living room with warm tones: get an earth-tone sofa. Brick is a great color and goes with everything.
  • Living room with cool tones: dark blue could work very well.
  • Neutral living room: we recommend gray.
Gray living room: sofa ideas.

5th idea: durable and easy to clean

Microfiber couches are in style at the moment, and they might earn the top spot on your list if durability is what you’re looking for. Let’s look at a few characteristics of microfiber:

  • Wear and tear won’t show for a longer time.
  • They last for years, no matter how much they’re used. They’re a great example of a good value.
  • Microfiber couches are easy to clean and are water-resistant: perfect for families with children.
A gray, neutral living room.

To conclude…

Each person is unique, and you never know what sofa you’ll fall in love with when you go out furniture shopping. It’s a good idea to see all kinds so you can compare. You’ll come across a wide variety, many with innovative qualities, like stain-resistant fabrics.

So go to multiple furniture stores, compare sofas on quality and price, take time to think, and then go ahead and buy. It’s never good to be in a rush. You want to find a model that checks everything off of your list.

Another piece of advice we’ll offer is to find out exactly what kind of material the sofa is made of, how to clean it, and how well it will hold up. You don’t want to experience the disappointment of regretting your decision every time you sit down on your couch.

Pick the right sofa for your home. Decide that this will be the year that you finally find a couch that lets you really relax and that also goes with the style and design of your living room — it could add a touch more happiness to your life!