The Bright Kitchen Wave

Add some color to your kitchen with these novel ideas.
The Bright Kitchen Wave

Last update: 29 May, 2019

Kitchen designs have been making huge turns in the past years. Until recently, styles that used natural wood or warm colors were the norm. However, these days, kitchens are following a different style by using bright, bold colors – bright kitchens are in.

Below, we’ll show you three different kinds of bright kitchens and how to make your kitchen shine without going overboard. As you’ll read with us shortly, the key lies in using bold colors alongside other warm ones.

1. Kitchen with lilac

Our first idea for a bright kitchen is a pretty subtle and elegant one. This idea only covers the wall above the counters with a lilac decal. Aside from being a very hygienic option, it brightens up the room and makes it seem more spacious. Installing some spotlights in the lower part of your cabinets will accentuate the lilac color even more.

The rest of the kitchen should be white with a satin finish. Straight-lined gray handles are functional, have a high visual appeal.

To break up the bi-color decor a little, a dark gray counter could work well here. It’s the perfect element for uniting the white cabinets with the lilac wall.

2. Kitchen with red counters

Bright kitchen red

Let’s move on to another, completely different idea. We’re looking at a shiny red finish for counters that have an industrial design. If you’re bold, enjoy taking design risks and want to add a little color to your kitchen, this one’s for you.

All of the lower cabinets are red, which creates a continuum effect for the kitchen. The upper white cabinets are the only element that breaks up the monotone.

If you’re a risk-taker, this will be your best option

For the rest of the kitchen, we see whites and grays. This color choice focuses all the attention on the bright red cabinets.

The shapes and designs of the kitchen can make it industrial. Straight lines, practical designs and minimalism rule here. We know that the example above will give you the inspiration to create your own risky kitchen that’s filled with color.

3. Decal and blue cabinet kitchen

If you’re looking for something different, modern and original, you’ll love this last option. This idea uses a combination of two bright colors with a decal. The result is a bi-color kitchen with a beautiful wall and an original image.

Bright kitchen blue

Color combinations like the one shown above are something that we recommend when one of the colors that you’re using is really dark. If all of the cabinets in this kitchen were blue, the kitchen would look too dark overall.

On the other hand, if all of the cabinets were white, the kitchen would be too boring and would desperately need some colorful elements. Using these two colors together is a huge success though. What’s more, the shiny finish on the cabinets really steals the show because the cabinets don’t have handles. It’s an interesting option to keep in mind that’s becoming more and more popular.

Lastly, the decal makes for an original decor, making the colors work perfectly together. These kinds of decals are easily installed and, besides being a great decor, you can just clean them with a damp rag. If you ever want to change up your kitchen later, just remove the decal and apply a new one.

Bright, colorful kitchens fill homes with life. They also create more visual space and, if you know how to find the materials, they’re easy to clean. Don’t waste any more time – start giving your kitchen a new face with this new trend.