Essential Appliances for the Most Demanding Kitchen

In the age of technology, there are multiple appliances for almost anything in the kitchen. We'll show you the basics and the most essential appliances so you can avoid costly mistakes.
Essential Appliances for the Most Demanding Kitchen

Last update: 20 July, 2021

Today there are a lot of essential appliances designed for the kitchen that have different functions. This makes it difficult to choose one or the other due to the fear that it won’t be used as expected. Therefore, choosing the right one can be a complicated task.

Of course, appliances make life easier for us in the kitchen, whether you’re a good cook or not. In today’s post, we’ll suggest a list of appliances that’ll help you choose the best option for your kitchen.

Essential appliances for the kitchen: the oven

Before buying an oven you have to be clear about the space you have in the kitchen for its placement.

Once you’ve made the measurements, you should look over the following functions to choose the oven that best suits your needs.

  • Heat up and down: this function is essential.
  • Fast preheating: to save time and electricity.
  • Grill: to brown food.
  • Air: for grilling food.
  • Temperature control: it must be between 122 and 482 degrees Fahrenheit.
Hydroclean oven with kitchen furniture.


The fridge is essential in a kitchen. It chills and preserves the most delicate everyday foods so that they’re always in good condition.

One of the points on which we must be influenced by when choosing a refrigerator is the size. If several people live in your house, you should buy a refrigerator large enough to fit all the food you need. If, on the other hand, you live alone or as a couple, you can opt for a smaller one and thus you’ll save on electricity.

There are those that have an ice dispenser to make your life more comfortable. You can also cover it to make it more beautiful and integrated with the rest of the kitchen.

Yellow fridge in white kitchen.

Essential appliances for the kitchen: the microwave

Another of the fundamental and essential appliances for a kitchen is the microwave.

It’s important to look at the Watt power of the microwave. They usually carry a power of between 600 and 1,200 Watts. It’s also advisable to choose one with a minimum of 800 Watts with a variable setting, to adjust the power that’s required for certain foods.

Gray microwave for kitchen.


This essential appliance is vital for making breakfast. The most modern toasters include more precision of power, temperature, and timing. There are some that even make the toast jump from the device to your plate or warn you when it’s starting to burn.

Kitchen toaster.

Essential appliances in the kitchen: the coffee maker

A coffee maker is absolutely essential in a kitchen. There are many types and varieties. We’ll list the most popular ones below.

Red coffee pot.

Italian coffee maker

This is made up of two bodies in the shape of an octagonal pyramid. In the lower body the water is poured and a small funnel-shaped saucepan is placed, where the ground coffee is stored. As the coffee pot is heated, and therefore the water, it rises to the top, infusing the coffee along the way.

Italian coffee maker.

American coffee maker

This is simpler than Italian. The water in the tank is heated and passes through a paper filter where the coffee is located. As it’s a fairly dense filter, the water passes slowly, drop by drop, depositing in the jug once the coffee has been infused.

American coffee maker.

French coffee maker

This coffee maker consists of a cylindrical container and a plunger with a filter. You can heat the water in a saucepan and pour it into the cylinder, where the ground coffee is stored. Cover the coffee maker, but without lowering the plunger, and let it infuse for four or five minutes. After that time, lower the plunger, bringing the ground coffee to the bottom, and leaving delicious coffee ready to drink.
French coffee maker.

Essential appliances for your kitchen: the Espresso machine

Its operation is the most complex. First, the water is heated so that it reaches a lot of pressure and passes it through the ladle with the filter where the coffee is. The water, at such temperature and pressure, quickly extracts all the flavor of the coffee. Thus you’ll obtain a short, creamy, intense and full-bodied drink.
Cecotec Power Espresso coffee machine.
Coffee maker /


The world of blenders is wide and varied. Here are three types of blenders and their main characteristics.

Moulinex mixer.
Mixer /

Glass blender

A blender, also known as a mixer, is a very useful item to have in the kitchen. They’re powerful and versatile and you can make shakes, smoothies, crush ice and even grate different foods. In addition, they’re very easy to use and fast to clean.

Now, many of them come with various accessories that expand the possibilities of the appliance. These types of mixers don’t take up much space in the kitchen and are usually left available and ready-to-use, on the counter.

Glass blenders.

Essential appliances in the kitchen: a handheld or stick mixer

It’s the most common mixer for households and the smallest. It’s elongated and its blade is usually removable for better cleaning.

It can be used to grind, blend and chop vegetables, meat and fish. They generally include various speeds and powers. In addition, it’s fantastic for whipping meringues, sauces and creams.

Arm mixer.

Kneader or whipping mixer

It fulfills the same function as the handheld mixer, but it isn’t good for chopping. It’s mainly used for pastries, as it kneads to perfection. It’s the largest of the three, so we have to have a wide space to store it.

Red mixer for pastry.

For those who love kitchen gadgets: essential appliances


Ideal for those who like to eat well, but have little time. It’s a kitchen robot with various functions, capable of working with both hot and cold foods. It’s easy to use and simple to clean.

Thermomix kitchen robot.


The steamer will allow you to quickly and easily prepare healthy, steamed food. It’ll allow you to do several different things at once or prepare more food.

There you have it! The essential appliances for your kitchen

The correct choice of one appliance or another will depend on your needs. Someone with a busy life who doesn’t spend much time at home will require simpler appliances for specific days when preparing food at home.

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