The Best Brands for Electric Hand Mixers and Blenders

Thinking about buying a new hand mixer or blender but don't know where to start? Here are some of the best brands to consider.
The Best Brands for Electric Hand Mixers and Blenders

Last update: 21 December, 2019

Hand mixers and blenders are some of the most useful small appliances around. You can use them to make purees or smoothies as well as for food prep or whipping cream – they’ve become essential cooking tools. So today let’s look at the best brands.

If you’re thinking about buying one but aren’t sure which one is best for you, it’s time to make a list and compare the best products on the market.

While you can find a variety of models at any small appliance store, they all have different features and prices. So how do they compare to each other?

Braun Minipimer MQ 745 Aperitive

Blender /

Braun is one of the most well-known brands out there and offers great quality. The Minipimer MQ 745 Aperitive offers strength and resilience for years on end, even if you use it almost every day.

  • 750 w.
  • 600-ml measuring cups, 1 litre, and smaller 350-ml food processors.
  • You can control the speed by applying more or less pressure to the button. That means you’re always in control.
  • Anti-splash system, which saves you the trouble of cleaning up later.
  • Simple design and available in black or silver. They’re strongest selling-point is their efficiency and features.
  • Affordable though slightly more expensive than other brands. But it’s worth it.

Braun has always worked towards making us comfortable in the kitchen.

Bosch ErgoMixx MSM67170

hand mixer blender bosch

Next on our list, Bosch is another trusted brand we find in homes. Their products are a safe bet and deliver great results.

  • Just like the Bauer Minipimer, the ErgoMixx is 750 w.
  • 1 litre capacity. It also comes with a food processor piece and ice shredder.
  • Lets you control the speed, which allows you to prepare any ingredient. It has 12 levels of speed.
  • This model is especially ergonomic and can be taken apart easily as well.
  • Easy to clean.
  • The ErgoMixx comes in three different colors: black, gray-white, and red. The red option has the boldest appearance as it’s not a common color for such appliances.
  • Affordable for any budget.

Taurus Bapi Unic 900

hang mixer blender taurus

Taurus might not be one of the best-selling brands but it’s a great option that boasts competitive prices. And of course, they also offer high quality and performance.

  • 900 w, making it slightly more powerful than the other models.
  • It also comes with different accessories for all kinds of food prep. The container holds up to 1 litre.
  • This model boasts twelve speeds. It’s a great blender for smoothies as it can blend them to a perfect consistency.
  • Stainless steel and ergonomic design in addition to being easy to use.
  • Though it’s clearly more functional than decorative, it doesn’t look as stylish as the previous models.
  • White base color with blue detail.
  • The Bapi Unic offers the lowest price and the same features as its competitors.

Moulinex DD860110

hand mixer blender moulinex

The Moulinex DD860110 just might be the cheapest option out there. It’s also the simplest. We’ve all probably had one at home at some point or another, making it a solid choice.

  • 750 w.
  • 0.8 litre capacity.
  • Offers twenty speeds but the most useful is the turbo function.
  • Consists of four large blades that spin rapidly and blend anything inside surprisingly well.
  • Stainless steel and easy to clean thanks to a simple disassembly.
  • Simple design in white.
  • And the price? Slightly cheaper than the other models on the list. Not to mention, it’s a trustworthy option.

Make sure you do your research on these brands and models to see which one best suits your needs. Rest assured, all of them are high-quality. Ask for more information when shopping or check out different websites for more opinions.

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