Decorating with Diamond Tiles

Make the most of tiles with not-so-average diamond shape; play around with its geometry and color. You can enjoy incredible results in any style while livening up your floors and forgotten rooms.
Decorating with Diamond Tiles

Last update: 15 February, 2019

You probably know this feeling: you need to renovate your kitchen, bathroom or floors but have no idea where to begin. If you want to give your home something original, don’t miss out on our post today on diamond tiles.

Bathroom and kitchen decor

Many people consider kitchens and bathrooms as mere functional spaces. Consequently, other rooms are decorated while these two are pushed aside. In the end, we end up prioritizing simplicity, traditional and functionality for their decor.

Sometimes, it’s hard to imagine that their decor can be bolder and more original. So, we often see very neutral spaces that don’t always match with the rest of the home.

It’s easy to underestimate what beautiful tiling in a kitchen, bathroom or floor could give our home. We just need to flip through any decor magazine to see all the possibilities that there actually are. In reality, these spaces are what can really make a home stand out.

diamond tiles 1

To get started, you first need to think about your floors and walls.

To some degree, the tiles will determine the style of the setting. Making the wrong choice, you might end up with a bland or overwhelming decor that clashes with the decor of your other rooms. So, be picky because your selection will serve as the base for the rest of your room’s elements.

Today, tiles come in a wide variety of choices. But did you know that diamond tiles offer a world of possibilities and can create all kinds of effects?

Diamond tiles

Diamond-shaped tiles are a wonderful solution if you don’t want those average square tiles.

We tend to look right past them in catalogs, but we always stop and stare when we see them in decor magazines or pictures of luxury homes. They’re a bold and original option.

Below, we’re going to explain how to choose the best diamond tiles for your rooms. You’ll also learn how to use them as an exclusively decorative element. With these tiles, you could give your home an original, personal and even luxurious air. The possibilities are endless.

Diamond tile flooring

diamond tile 2

These tiles can be an incredibly original floor idea. However, keep in mind that diamond tiles tend to come in smaller sizes. Remember these points to avoid overwhelming the decor:

  • If you’re planning to tile a large area (the floor for an entire room), look for the biggest size possible. The size you use should be proportional to the area that you want to cover.
  • Though monochrome looks amazing, feel free to play with color (creating a chessboard effect with the diamond shape) and shapes. Instead of traditional designs, you can create three-dimensional effects.
  • If you’re planning on covering a small area (such as a decorative entrance way or deck detail), choose the smallest size possible. A smaller size will create a mosaic effect.

Make your kitchen really breathtaking

diamond tile 3

Let’s not underestimate the visual impact that a properly tiled kitchen can create. Diamond tiles can help you create an original kitchen.

  • Use a mix of pastel colors to create a Scandinavian, modern feel.
  • Go for metallic or glass tiles to add a hint of luxury and awe. You could pair black with gold, or white with silver. If you want to give either a try, keep the rest of the room simple to prevent the decor from getting out of hand.
  • Use a mix of mosaic-sized diamond tiles and other shapes for details like a decorative border.
  • You can also try texture or slightly three-dimensional tiles. However, we recommend using them only for areas that don’t accumulate grime or dust easily as they’re harder to clean.

Use them in your bathroom for decor

diamond tile 4

Bathrooms are often left out of home decor– but it doesn’t have to be that way! You can use diamond tiles to liven up your bathrooms. You can also use them to match with the style of the rest of your home.

  • Use these tiles to create decorative details (mosaics, borders, etc.) or to decorate the wall above your sink.
  • Try them for floors, playing with color, texture, and shapes.
  • You could try a monochrome design to keep the decor balance throughout the room.
  • Upgrade the ambiance with glass, glazed or metallic tiles.

The only limit is your imagination! Try diamond times and convert your home into a true work of art that’s worthy of any home decor magazine.