Create a Chalkboard Wall: A Modern Trend for the Kitchen

A chalkboard wall is a great idea If you want to give your kitchen a personal touch. Learn more about this modern kitchen trend.
Create a Chalkboard Wall: A Modern Trend for the Kitchen

Last update: 18 July, 2023

A practical resource that serves as a complement to cover certain walls is a chalkboard wall . They provide us with different uses that, in a certain sense, contribute to enriching the interiors and, above all, completing the decoration.

Generally, we tend to resort to traditional methods to cover walls in an effective and functional way; however, we forget about other approaches that can provide aesthetic benefits and enrich interiors in an original way.

Do you really know about all the possibilities that the market has to offer? On more than one occasion, you’ve probably missed the opportunity to improve your interiors simply due to a lack of knowledge. For this reason, a unique opportunity arises to apply a decorative treatment that’s more attractive.

What are chalkboard walls?

A red-headed toddler drawing on a black chalkboard wall with white chalk.

First of all, it’s important to note that this resource is made up of a single material: A chalkboard. They’re resistant, firm, and very easy to install. You simply have to place a large sheet on a wide surface and cover it from side to side. Of course, you can also just go ahead and paint the chosen wall with chalkboard paint.

It’s best to create only one chalkboard wall because if you do it in the whole room, it’ll lose its overall decorative effect and can even harm other elements that are present in the space. In addition, chromatic sensations would be lost as it’s a neutral tone.

In homes, they tend to be present in the kitchen, but they can also be created in other rooms. In this regard way, we’re talking about a versatile resource that can be perfectly adapted to any space. It’s just a matter of knowing how to go about it.

Chalkboard walls help to set the scene and favor the image of your interiors.

The main qualities of slate walls

If we had to highlight some of the qualities of this product, we can focus mainly on aesthetics. However, it also provides some personal advantages. Let’s take a look at the most important ones:

  • On a decorative level, it favors chromatic and material contrasts. In this regard, a very clear purpose is achieved: The appropriate combination thanks to the neutrality of its color that dominates at a general level throughout the surface.
  • You can draw or write on them with chalk, in such a way that if we have one of these walls in a children’s room, they can draw pictures. You can do the same thing in the kitchen if you’re in the kitchen, where you can write reminders, shopping lists, etc.
  • Taking into account the previous factor, this component even becomes another decorative element. In other words, the words and drawings themselves can add to the aesthetic quality.
  • The idea of graffiti that we usually find in the streets can also be applied to this surface. The good thing is that you can erase the drawings whenever you want. In the event that you prefer a bare wall without any content, then we’re talking about decorative neutrality.

A different touch for the kitchen

A kitchen with indulstrial shelves, wooden furnitue, plants, and a chalkboard wall.

The main objective here is originality. Many times, we make the mistake of not taking risks with decoration and we fall into conventional ideas that are already very popular and worn out. Why not change the trend and apply a different concept?

Chalkboard walls are yet another complement to the kitchen. In addition to the uses that we’ve mentioned so far, they also attract because they offer a distinguished image. In this regard, we step away from traditionalism.

When you receive guests and they see an aesthetic component like this, they’ll see it as a way to change the usual dynamics of kitchens; that’s to say, you show off your kitchen in a more unique way, breaking away from typical ceramic walls and opening up another range of possibilities.

It’s time to revitalize your interiors

As we’ve pointed out, these blackboards can add energy to spaces to such an extent that they rejuvenate the house. We’re referring to an updating of the general environment in which the kitchen is a benchmark to follow and the place where innovation is taking place.

In other words, it modernizes the home. In life, there’s no need to follow the patterns that were established in the past. Today, we have infinite ways to innovate, you just have to choose the right ones. In this case, chalkboard walls are a guaranteed win.

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