Tricks to Cool Your Home in Summer

We have some tricks for you to cool your home in summer. They include optimizing your windows, the use of certain plants and fans. Keep reading to find out more.
Tricks to Cool Your Home in Summer

Last update: 20 October, 2021

Summer is here and the heat can be relentless. So we’ve prepared several tricks for your home that’ll help you through this season. Options for keeping your home cool also include electronics and other, more natural, devices.

For many, air conditioning is the solution, but the truth is that this is expensive and it’s not available to everyone. In fact, these tips will also be of interest to those who already have air conditioning, because they contribute to significantly reducing your energy consumption. Ready to learn more?

Tricks to cool your home in summer

We’re going to describe and explain the tricks that you can follow to keep your home cool during summer. Implement one or more tips to keep your home cool this season.

Ceiling fans

Use fans.

Let’s start with electronic devices such as fans, which are less expensive than air conditioning. There are ceiling ones, which require electrical installation. This can raise the cost, but they have the advantage of distributing the air evenly throughout your home.

In fact, there are some ceiling fans with an inverse function; that is, they direct the hot air that accumulates at the top, downwards, which is very useful in winter. If you dislike the noise they produce, the market has evolved so much that you’ll find several silent options. Some models even have remote controls.

There are other mobile-type fans such as those that connect to laptops and can be moved from one place to another. Others are free-standing or suited for tabletops. Large or small, there are fans suitable for all tastes, spaces, and budgets.

Tricks to cool your home in summer: optimize your windows

Windows are certainly a blessing this season. So the second tip to cool your home in summer has to do with proper window management. The first thing is to keep them open so that the air circulates and doesn’t stay inside your home. Also, remove your winter curtains and use some soft white or light curtains instead.

The second thing is to consider installing solar protective curtains which have a metallic coating to reflect UV rays. This prevents rays from entering your home and warming your environment. These can also serve you well in winter because they act to retain interior heat.

Use indoor plants

Add some houseplants.

Plants offer us several benefits, beyond their decorative contribution. They help to purify the air and refresh your home by regulating the ambient temperature. In the summer, place your plants on the facade, near the windows or on the terrace to act as a barrier to keep the interior of your home cool.

Among the plants that help to absorb heat are the Boston Fern, the Love Ribbon, the Tiger’s Tongue, the Rubber Tree, and the Areca Palm.

Tricks to cool your home in summer: reduce heat sources

Among the tricks to cool your home in summer is reducing the use of heat sources such as house lights, ovens, stoves, and even the television. These are items that produce the most heat when you use them, which will cause the room temperature to rise.

Try to avoid using them during the day. For example, to reduce the use of heat-emitting kitchen appliances, prepare cold dishes or dishes that don’t require heating. And remember to stay well hydrated because it’s also important to regulate your body temperature.

Use fresh bedding

Swap out the bedding for a cooler one.

In summer the heat doesn’t even abate at night, so it’s advisable to use fresh bedding to help you sleep better. Cotton or silk sheets are a good option, especially if they’re in light colors.

Also, consider lifting any carpets in the room and throughout the house. This is because it helps the floor to stay cool. If you have ceramic flooring, try scrubbing it in the morning with cold water as this will help to lower the temperature in your home too.

How about trying these tricks to cool your home in summer?

We’ve shared some simple tricks to cool your home in summer that you can implement without any major inconvenience. They don’t require a lot of money to implement, like air conditioners or other electronic devices do, and they can be just as useful during the winter.

Go ahead and try them! Just remember to take care of your health by hydrating and using sunscreen!