The Best Plants to Purify the Air in Your Home

Would you like to breathe cleaner air? These are the best plants to purify the air in your home.
The Best Plants to Purify the Air in Your Home

Last update: 09 November, 2020

Plants and flowers have many qualities. Their colors bring joy to any place and are a great and cheap way to decorate your home. Also, plants and flowers can purify the air and help you feel happier.

Why using plants to purify the air in your home?

Although you can’t tell, some things in your home release substances that can be toxic, like benzene, xylene, ammonia, trichloroethylene, or formaldehyde.

Poor air quality can cause respiratory illnesses like asthma, so it’s important to air the home everyday. Another interesting option is using plants to purify the air in your home.

In 1989, Nasa conducted a study with Dr. Bill Wolverton, Director of Wolverton Environmental Services. The study concluded that plants absorb CO2 and release oxygen, reduce the ambient temperature, and clean the air to get rid of contaminating substances. These are the top 5 of plants that purify the air.

Pothos – a plant to purify the air in your home


This is one of the most common houseplants because it’s shaped like a beautiful ivy. It comes from southeast Asia, but it can adapt well to any environment.


It’s a very resistant plant and doesn’t need a lot of care. It can survive in temperatures of 60 to 80° F and you need to water it only when the soil is dry.


Sansivieira is a plant that can purify the air at home.

This is a trendy plant because its long and striking leaves make it the perfect complement to any room. It barely needs any care and it can survive on little water.


It’s capable of lowering levels of benzene, xylene, toluene, trichloroethylene 0r formaldehyde in the air. Another pro is that, even though it likes the sun, it can adapt to the darkest of rooms.

Ficus robusta

Ficus robusta can help you purify the air at home.

Also known as the rubber plant, this eliminates formaldehyde from the air. It’s a plant that retains humidity in the environment, thanks to its high degree of evapotranspiration.

It’s one of the most resistant and pretty plants that purify the air. It can stand high temperatures, but be careful with sudden changes. And beware, as it can grow large, so you may need a lot of space.

Bamboo cane

This is a slow-growing plant during its first years, but it can gain speed and reach 9 feet in height.

It doesn’t like direct sunlight and needs a humid environment to grow. It also needs a lot of water during the summer and not so much during the winter. It’s said to be able to get rid of formaldehyde, xylene and ammonia.

Peace lilies

A pot of peace lilies to purify the air at home.

These strong flowers come from Mexico, Malaysia and the western Pacific and usually grow around lakes and creeks.

It grows better in temperatures higher than 64° F and you need to avoid placing them in drafty areas. They need a lot of water and don’t do well in direct sunlight, so you’ll have to care more for them than the other plants on this list.

The good news is that they can absorb the five pollutants in ambient air: formaldehyde, benzene, xylene, carbon monoxide and trichloroethylene.

So, there are the top 5 plants that can purify the air in your home and, likewise, add more beauty to it. Find a place you’d like to cheer up and fill it with their lively colors.

Using plants for decoration is simple and, most of the time, cheap. If you have a deck, patio or garden, fill it with nature.

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