The Functionality and Beauty of The Dresser

The dresser is capable, beautiful, and an indispensable piece of furniture for keeping everything in order. Do you want one too?
The Functionality and Beauty of The Dresser

Last update: 20 June, 2021

The dresser is a piece of furniture that’s capable of filling any space with charm while being functional thanks to its drawers. Although its use has been limited to bedrooms, it’s true that it’s an ideal accessory for other rooms in the home.

These pieces of furniture have set out to conquer your environment. We invite you to become seduced by its beauty and its ability to create order.

The origin of the dresser

Lifelong things you'll want to decorate your home with: antique dresser

Everything indicates that the dresser finds its origin in the seventeenth century. High society used to place them at the foot of the bed to keep all of their clothes inside them.

Over time, this invention was found to be impractical, since when removing a garment, the entire contents became disorganized. This is why they used superimposed boxes to act as compartments to better divide items.

Eventually, those boxes became fixed and gave way to drawers. In addition, four legs were added to make them more accessible. The owners then embellished them, turning them into luxury objects. With the arrival of the industrial era, costs were reduced, cheaper materials were used and they became a basic item in every home.

  • Louis XV chest of drawers: narrow, it usually has three drawers with two handles on the sides. The best-known models are the Chiffonniere and the Regence.
  • Louis XVI: the legs are stylized, include marble on the surface and marquetry. With Louis XVI, the “half-moon chest of drawers” also became fashionable, with a domed front and several compartments or shelves.
  • The second half of the 18th century: in France, the dressers are simplified, the ornaments are more geometric and simple. The straight lines win and the legs are also shortened.
  • Queen Anne Style: this style comes from 18th century England. It’s a chest of drawers that folded at the top to open and use as a desk.
  • Empire-style dresser: robust, with a front with straight lines and usually stands out for its claw feet. It’s also recognized for the use of yellow wood (elm, maple, and lemongrass) and dark marquetry lace decorations.
  • Victorian style: these are the typical tall and mirrored dressers from England. They became famous at the end of the 19th century, along with the military chest, the latter made of maple or mahogany wood, with two overlapping chests and drawers adorned with simple copper knobs.

Why you’ll fall in love with the dresser

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Their beauty is obvious, but it’s not the only thing that’s made designers focus on them. They’re capable furniture that, despite taking up very little space, allows you to store clothes, accessories, table linens, towels, bedding… everything! Therefore, they’re invaluable when it comes to maintaining order at home.

Depending on where you’re going to place your dresser and what you’ll use it for, consider the size and the shape of the drawers. While for the bedroom you may need a larger dresser with deep drawers. If you’re going to decorate the hall, it’s preferable that the dresser takes up less space and has small drawers to store gadgets, coins, bills, etc.

The beauty of the dresser

The dresser is versatile and this increases its power. As you know, you can put a dresser in any space of your house and it’ll look great. For bathrooms, it gives an elegant touch and in the bedroom, it can function as a bedside table.

On the other hand, they stand the passage of time very well. You can recover it in many ways: restore it to rescue its original shape, paint it a different color, or strip it to make the effect of the passage of time its originality. Alternatively, you can transform it with the help of chalk paint, you decide!

The dresser is a capable and functional piece of furniture that imbues every corner with beauty and personality. We suggest that you add this to your home too.

As if that weren’t enough, it’ll be very useful when it comes to having everything organized and in order. The drawers are essential for this, so take care to ensure they’re functional and easy to open.