Guide to Choosing a Desk Chair

If you need a desk chair and you don't know what to take into consideration, don't worry! These tips will make it clearer and your back will thank you too.
Guide to Choosing a Desk Chair

Last update: 22 June, 2021

The search for a desk chair isn’t an easy task, especially if you don’t know what characteristics it should have. While it’s true that each person has different needs, there are general considerations to take into account before buying one.

You must take into account that there’s no ideal chair model. Each person must be clear about the role, hours of use, height, etc. We also recommend that you opt for a fully adjustable chair that can be adapted to everyone.

How should a desk chair be?

3 types of office chairs for the office

Since 2020 changed the way we see the world, teleworking has become the working life for many. However, hardly any home was prepared for such conditions and an office had to be improvised in the dining room.

Over the months, the need to improve these spaces has become clear, to make them productive and comfortable at the same time. You can’t continue using just any chair, as the health of your back will suffer. Therefore, you shouldn’t miss this guide to choosing the desk chair that best suits you.

Bet on ergonomics

Something that’s essential is that the chair is ergonomic. This will help you maintain the natural position of your spine and thus avoid back pain. It’ll allow you to be upright and avoid tension; you just have to sit up straight and your legs and arms positioned correctly. Also, most desk chairs have lumbar support.

The structure of work chairs

It’s extremely important that desk chairs have a solid and resistant structure that’s capable of supporting your weight and movement. Also, you must observe that the mechanisms to regulate the backrest height and position are of quality.

A desk chair on wheels

Without a doubt, chairs that have wheels are much more comfortable, since they facilitate small movements within the space you occupy. We recommend that the base has five support points with a wheel on each. Also that these are polyurethane to avoid scratching your surfaces.

Comfort reigns supreme

Office chairs

Although the chair should be ergonomic and resistant, you shouldn’t forget about comfort. Both the seat and the backrest must be padded. Remember to choose a design with rounded edges and a deep seat.

On the other hand, when it comes to upholstery, choose breathable and fresh materials. Of course, make sure they’re also easy to clean.

And the armrests?

There are those who are in favor of armrests and those who hate them! While it’s true that they could hinder you from approaching the desk, the virtues they provide are even greater.

They’re able to provide support while you work and help you maintain a correct posture of the back, shoulders, and neck. Thanks to them, your arms and elbows will rest at the right angle, even while your hands are on the keyboard.

Correct posture

A chair will help you maintain good body posture, but it’s not everything. In addition, you have to control the height of the table, the position of the computer screen and, whenever possible, use a footrest to help you keep your legs in the correct position.

A matter of aesthetics: your desk chair

Last but not least is aesthetics. Finding a desk chair that matches your decorating style isn’t always easy.

Once you’ve chosen the desk chair you need, all you have to do is adopt the correct posture. Take breaks from time to time to move your body and ensure a good sitting position.

Remember that the height of the table is also important, as well as the position of the computer. It all adds up to having good postural health and thus avoiding back problems.

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