Decorative Objects That Attract Good Luck

Decorative objects that attract good luck include indoor plants, elephant figures, and personal photographs. Keep reading to find out more.
Decorative Objects That Attract Good Luck

Last update: 10 September, 2021

Our homes are sacred places where we should feel at ease and comfortable. This is due, in large part, to the energy contribution of different decorative objects, such as those that attract luck, according to trends such as Feng Shui.

Many people who believe in the fluidity of positive and negative energies, follow this ancient Chinese philosophical system, on which we are basing this article. According to Feng Shui, energy is born from the mixture of two Chinese ideograms: wind and water…related to the flow and circulation of vital energy.

Its application at home proposes creating a space that meets certain standards to achieve a balance between peace and harmony of the body and mind. Therefore, each object in your home, as well as its orientation and design, are vital.

Objects that attract good luck

Elephants are a symbol of good energy.

Based on this oriental philosophy, there are certain decorative objects that attract good energy and others bad. If you’re one of the people who follow it, you’ll know that the best thing is to surround yourself with everything that, in addition to attracting good vibes, drives away and cleanses the negative ones.

In fact, that energetic attribution to objects isn’t only from Chinese culture. There are countless cultures in the world that have their own symbols for luck, fortune, and success. For example, the Irish attribute good luck to the four-leaf clover, in India luck is represented by the elephant, and in Turkey and Greece, the famous Turkish or Greek eye.

Without further ado, let’s dive into certain decorative objects that bring good luck to your home. If you believe in them and you don’t have them, don’t wait any longer to get them.


Plants are living beings that provide life, tranquility, and purity. Regardless of whether or not you think they’re a symbol of good energy, they’re an excellent decorative option for your home. Now, if you trust the circulation of energies through objects, it’d be better if they have indoor plants with round leaves, without spikes and that grow upwards.

On the other hand, the idea is to prevent them from turning yellow or leaving their dry leaves in view, since Feng Shui relates them to death and negative energies. Among the types of plants that you should have around your home to attract good luck are ferns (related to prosperity and money), and jasmine (believed to strengthen relationships).

Fresh fruit

Fruit trays.

The fruits you place in the center of your dining room or kitchen are very striking for their colors and different shapes. These bring a lot of freshness and life to your home, which attracts good luck. Try to play with the colors to make them more pleasing to the eye.

Be very careful with damaged fruits, they’re not only related to bad energy, but they attract mosquitoes and bad smells. Make sure that everything organic you have at home is always fresh and stands out for its liveliness.

Elephant ornament

Since ancient times, and in cultures such as India, the elephant is a sacred animal, a symbol of good luck, wisdom, and long life. Best of all, there are many ways to keep an elephant at home!

Today there are decorative objects with elephants such as paintings, sculptures, porcelains, and even textiles. Options to decorate your living room, kitchen, and even your bedroom.

Turkish eye

The Turkish eye is used more as an amulet in cultures such as the Turkish and Greek, although its use has spread throughout the world. It’s very common to use it in the form of key rings, earrings, or necklaces. In the home, it’s used in decorative elements such as mirrors, pictures, and cushions, among others.

Besides being a decorative object that attracts good luck, it’s credited with avoiding the “evil eye”, which could be interpreted as bad energy. So it also fulfills protective functions over the home.

Family photos

As Feng Shui says, our homes should make us feel peaceful and relaxed. One way to achieve this goal is through the positive feelings that our decorative elements awaken in us. For this reason, this trend suggests that we use personal photographs in which we evoke unique moments and that awaken good vibes in us.

An example of this is the photographs we place around our homes depicting family and friends on a trip, a vacation, or capturing a happy moment. Regardless of whether or not you believe in energies, seeing those images will awaken positive feelings in you that’ll make you feel good and recharge you with positivity.

Decorative objects to attract luck in your spaces

Family photographs bring good luck.

Now you know the most popular elements that attract luck. It’s time to tell you which ones should go in each space of your home. This, taking into account that Feng Shui focuses on the fluidity of energy in each place.

Decorative objects to bring good luck in the kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most important spaces in your home since it’s the focus of our daily nutrition. Therefore, it’s the point of union between the well-being and the harmony of all members of your family.

Bring good luck with decorative objects such as a basket of fresh fruits (renewing them every week). This will revitalize your environment too. Remember to wash them before putting them on your island or table.

The kitchen is also the right place to place aromatic plants with round leaves and straight growth.

Bring good luck in your dining room

Feng Shui highlights the importance of this space because it’s where we sit down to eat and share time as a family. Here, it’s advisable to put a mirror near the table along with some pretty flowers to optimize energy–all of this brings us good luck.

The mirror can be Turkish eye shape, but it should never be dirty or broken. The flowers should be fresh, have fresh water and never display them if they’ve withered.

Attract good luck in your bedroom

Decorate your window with flowers.

Your bedroom is a personal space where you rest and where everything must be aligned in order to provide you with restful sleep. Here the decorative objects shouldn’t only attract good energy, but also make you feel complete and calm.

This room is the place to decorate it with family photos, elephant paintings, and fresh, natural indoor plants.

How about these decorative objects to attract good luck?

As you can see, these decorative objects have two functions: to make your spaces special and to attract good luck. Regardless of your beliefs, if you decide to include them in your decor you’ll enjoy a more modern and elegant home.

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