Advantages and Disadvantages of Living With a Roommate

A limited budget might lead you to consider living with a roommate. But wait! First, you need to know the advantages and disadvantages of sharing your home.
Advantages and Disadvantages of Living With a Roommate

Last update: 03 August, 2021

While it’s true that living with a roommate can have benefits, it doesn’t always work out. Sometimes we wish we had a crystal ball that’d allow us to see what living with our new roommate would be like. But since this is impossible, we have to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of living with a roommate, before we decide! Are you ready to learn how to do this?

Advantages of living with a roommate

Living with a roommate could be advantageous if you’re on a tight budget. Discover the other reasons that could convince you to have a roommate.

1. You’ll save money on rent and services

Advantages of living with roommates

You could say that this is the main reason why many people decide to live with a roommate, and it’s because you can save money in several ways. The first is that by splitting your rent and utilities, you can opt for an apartment with more space and amenities.

The second is through shared expenses for groceries and cleaning supplies. This brings us to the third money-saving advantage: cooking for two, three, or more people is cheaper than cooking for one.

2. Divide the tasks

With a roommate you can also divide the household tasks, allowing both of you to lighten the load. If you’re lucky it’s possible that you’ll reach an agreement to complete tasks and chores that the other person dislikes. If you both dislike a particular task, you can take turns so that it doesn’t always fall to the same person.

3. Advantages of living with a roommate: you’ll have a potential friend for life

Even if you’re not close, with a roommate you’ll never feel lonely. There will always be someone to talk to about day-to-day life and even watching movie marathons. In addition, there’s a chance that you’ll create a bond for life.

4. You won’t have to leave your home alone

In case you have different schedules, your house will never be empty. While you study or work, your roommate can feed the pet and water the plants. Even if you go on a trip, you’ll have the certainty of knowing that your roommate can receive mail or a package on your behalf.

5. You’ll help each other

Another advantage of living with a roommate is that you could help each other. For example, if you forget your keys or need a ride home when your car is being repaired. As long as you are reciprocal and mindful, this is a scenario that can benefit both of you.

Disadvantages of living with a roommate

Having a roommate isn’t for everyone. We’ve already seen the advantages, so here are some of the disadvantages that might put you off living with a roommate:

1. Have no privacy

When you live with a roommate, you have less privacy. The only place you can be alone is your bathroom. However, if your roommate doesn’t know how to respect limits, you may not count on this either.

Likewise, you’ll not be able to receive visitors when you want, leave the house earlier or arrive later without worrying or bothering your roommate. Although, in these cases, you could reach an agreement and notify one another in advance, so that any comings and goings aren’t unforeseen events.

2. Disadvantages of living with a roommate: delays in payments

If your rent and utility bills are split, and your roommate can’t afford them, you’re in serious trouble. So make sure you know the work or financial history of the person you’ll be living with. In the case of interviewing, take a detailed look at their references, including how their relationship or creditworthiness was with previous roommates and landlords.

3. Clutter and little commitment to tasks

More people also mean more dirt and mess. If you add a lack of commitment and discipline to fulfill the household chores, you’ll find yourself involved in a situation where the dishes pile up in the dishwasher, the garbage in the container, and responsibilities aren’t assumed.

4. Not getting along

When you don’t get along with your roommate, the atmosphere becomes heavy and uncomfortable. Also, be careful if you start living with a person you’re attracted to. If you start a relationship and it ends, things could get complicated, since you’ll have nowhere else to go.

5. Not being able to rest because of noise

Disadvantages of living with rommies

When you enjoy the occasional party, but your roommate is an inveterate party lover, it’ll affect your sleep and therefore your performance at work or college. This could even lead to problems with your neighbors.

There are also cases where the noise doesn’t come from a party or meeting. Sometimes a person is simply noisy, talks a lot or with a high tone of voice, and can’t help walking without making sounds. In the long run, this will compromise your quality of life.

Live alone or with a roommate? That’s the question

Everything has its advantages and disadvantages, and living with a roommate is no exception. If you have a limited budget, you’re happy to give up a little privacy, you enjoy company, and are willing to make sacrifices and compromises, go for it! Let the search for the best roommate begin!