Your House Needs a Detox Too

Make your home cleaner and more organized by giving it a detox. This will make you feel good and it'll be a pleasure to spend time in.
Your House Needs a Detox Too

Last update: 11 November, 2020

Your house may need a detox and we’re going to give you the reasons that you’ll feel better after you do it.

Of course, you’ve thought a lot about whether or not your house makes you feel good, comfortable, relaxed, and safe. Or, if on the contrary, there are obstacles that prevent your well being. Maybe the objects that you have and the way your home is decorated aren’t achieving your goals. Your house may need a detox and now is the time to do it.

Get to work with the philosophy of life that promotes changing your house and all its contents. After all, it makes sense that what your house reflects also reveals your inner world.

Your house needs a detox and we’ll tell you how to do it

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There’s a philosophy that says that “your house is you”. This refers to the belief of Elisabet Temporal from  The Home Movement. This is a project that invites you to detox your home and therefore, connect with yourself. As a result, you’ll have more personal power and more mental organization.

Elisabet talks about what you’re like, how you are with yourself, and with others. She also addresses the importance of creating a haven of peace where you can come home and feel better there than in any other place.

Your house also needs a detox even if you prefer to be outside. You may not feel 100 percent comfortable when you’re within your four walls. You may also need to detox if you don’t feel at peace and content whenever you enter your house.

But, don’t worry, because everything has a solution and there are certain changes you can make to turn your life around. Everything about you can be seen in certain areas of your home. With a little effort, you’ll be able to resolve the situation you’re stuck in, explains an expert in internal detachment.

The art of saying goodbye

Living room in disarray, when your house needs a detox

We’re sure this isn’t the first time that you’ve heard about detaching yourself from items in your house. In fact, Marie Kondo was one of the pioneers who talked about this.

Focus on what emotions you want to feel in each space in your house, what objects you’d like to keep, and which are disposable, and then let go. Learn more about detachment here.

Begin with those places where you tend to leave items that don’t have a definite place in your house: the furniture in your entryway, the kitchen counter, and the buffet in your dining room. Then get rid of all of this and it’ll help you to have a clearer mind.

A little bit of order

The next step is to assign a place for everything and be consistent with this decision. If you’ve decided to keep the keys in the drawer in the entryway, each time that you get home make sure you put them there and avoid leaving them on the coffee table or wherever you end up dropping them.

Also, you should be aware of what you want to have in each area of your home. If you’d like to have a practical kitchen that allows you access to everything easily, you’ll need accessories that help you organize.

Cleaning for a detoxed house

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If you think about your house the way you think about yourself, you’ll understand the importance of keeping it clean all the time. Not just that, but also you’ll be more aware of the products that you use for each surface and you’ll look for the most suitable items for each area.

Think of cleaning your house as the way you think about a session at the spa. Then imitate it, fill it with delicious aromas, and you’ll feel much more content.

Details count

Once you’ve achieved a clean house, then decorate it with furniture that makes you happy. After that, add plants that fill every space with life. Next, think of the feeling that you’d like to create in every space and look for objects that take you to that emotion. This goes beyond current trends. Connect with your inner self.

Your house also needs a detox and after a routine like this, you’ll end up feeling much better in it. In conclusion, this is about being in a place full of peace and good energy where you can take refuge and feel great.

Pay attention to what you have, to cleaning, and the feelings that each area gives you. That’s how you’ll have a much healthier home.