Wine Barrels: A Decorative Element with an Artisan Feel

A wine barrel can create elegance and distinction in decor. It can give your home a subtle, refined air.
Wine Barrels: A Decorative Element with an Artisan Feel

Last update: 12 June, 2019

You’ve probably seen a wine barrel used in home decor before. They’re decorative and create an artisan touch; besides having an interesting shape, they also store wine.

Our ancestors often kept a wine barrel at home, which served as a status symbol. But ultimately, a barrel reflects its owner’s personality and interest in a product with centuries of history: wine.

Having a wine barrel at home is like having a personal wine bar or winery to ferment wine. Rather than industrial production, having a barrel is more destined for personal enjoyment and allows users to extract wine directly from the source instead of opening a bottle.

wine barrel personal

You might not think so at first, but a barrel can add something special to your living or dining area— an elegance and detail that can set you apart. It denotes a special character and won’t go unnoticed by guests.

A barrel might not even be especially large or have a traditional shape, but the ambiance it creates makes it a very special decor element. So if you have a barrel at home, don’t keep it hidden away.

Besides, nothing beats serving wine directly from the barrel. It’s novel and exciting, especially because it’s serving something you fermented yourself,  showcasing your elegant and artisan side.

Wine is sunlight, held together by water.

Galileo Galilei

Decorative and functional uses

wine barrel decor

You can give your barrel more or less attention depending on where you place it. Remember, it’s a feature that will differ greatly from your other furniture pieces and aesthetically, it’ll stand out from its surroundings.

  • Your wine barrel will work best in the living room. Avoid setting it up as a centerpiece that draws too much attention. Instead, try placing it in a corner or along a wall to complement the rest of your decor and build curiosity.
  • The main features in the dining room are the table and chairs. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t use another decor element, such as a shelving unit, minibar or a wine barrel. Incorporating the latter into the decor would allow you to draw wine from the barrel during a meal.
  • Many people opt to hide their barrel away in their pantries or cellar. What happens as a result? Hidden away, a barrel loses its aesthetic value but gains a more functional use.

A barrel can give your home decor something that stands apart from the rest.

Different sizes

wine barrel sizes

When we think of wine barrels, the typical image of a large barrel that holds liters and liters of wine comes to mind. But for personal use, these large options might be too big. So what are the other options?

  • A medium-sized barrel might very well be the most common choice for homes. They come in different capacities, but the 64-l is the most popular one. You should keep these on the ground or standing on a set of legs.
  • Another smaller option can hold 2 to 4 liters. You can keep it on a counter or a shelf.
  • If you want to decorate your pantry or cellar, a big barrel could be a great decor option.

If you’re not sure where to buy wine barrels, the internet offers plenty of options. You can search through a huge variety. However, examine them yourself at a store yourself if possible; you’ll be able to experience the customer service that is lacking from an online store.