3 Home Mini-Bar Ideas

A mini-bar isn't just something that you see in the movies. You can have your own at home; we'll show you how.
3 Home Mini-Bar Ideas

Last update: 23 December, 2018

A home mini-bar is a space where we can relax after a long day of work or studies.

Our home isn’t just a building where we live out our lives, eat, sleep, etc. It should also be a place where we can enjoy a nice drink with our loved ones, friends or simply in our own company.

We often think that a home needs a backyard with a pool or some deck space to have a proper place to relax and have company over. Depending on what your family’s preferences are, a backyard or deck could definitely be perfect.

However, there are also different ways to create a space to relax without having a backyard or deck.

A home mini-bar can be a great way to create a leisure space. It’s sure to jazz up reunions with family or friends.

In our post today, we have 3 ideas for home mini-bars.

What’s a mini-bar?

By definition, a mini-bar is a small bar that is usually found on trains or a bar that’s pushed around on a cart. Another kind of mini-bar is the small refrigerator in hotel rooms that store drinks and snacks.

In any case, the essential idea of a mini-bar is that it’s something small, as stated in its name. It’s not a business.

It’s a space that holds our favorite drinks so that we can enjoy them at any time of the day.

We usually keep our drinks in a cabinet, our glasses in another, and other things like coasters or bottle-openers in another.

The idea of a mini-bar is to keep all of the elements for a drink together in one spot.

Mini bar concept

How can you make a mini-bar at home?

To have your very own mini-bar, you actually don’t need that much space. In fact, you can choose how big you want it to be depending on where you want to set it up.

So, first things first, you need to think about where you want to locate your mini-bar.

We often see them in living rooms. However, they can also be connected to kitchens, in the empty space underneath the staircase, on the patio, in the backyard or spot that you designate especially for it.

After choosing the place, you need to decide on what kind of mini-bar that you want.

There are three main kinds:

  • Furniture: cabinet, showcase, etc.
  • Serving cart: allows mobility.
  • Home project: these are the biggest in size and need the most work. This is more of a full-on house project to create a bar, install a sink, faucet, etc.

We’re going to give you our 3 home mini-bar ideas.

Mini bar ideas


Discreet mini-bars are perfect for our readers that love keeping things organized and tucked away. This is a mini-bar that’s hidden in a counter. It features shelves and doors to store everything.

If you like to keep things out of sight, you’re probably a fan of simpler designs and clean lines. In this case, you can opt for a Nordic style or minimalist counter.

Make the most of the countertop for decorative elements.

Mini bar discreet

Serving cart

Serving cart bars remind us of when servers passed through trains with their carts, offering beverages.

We love this option because it’s so multi-functional. You can keep it in the living room, on the patio or wherever you want because, in most cases, these carts are mobile.

There are different sizes and designs available.

From more simpler styles to carts that include a place to hang glasses or store wine bottles, the options are endless.

Mini bar serving cart

Short on space? Be creative!

If you don’t have a spare corner for a counter, cabinet or serving cart for your mini-bar, don’t panic because you have other options. But, you’ll really have to be creative and resourceful.

You can set up a mini-bar on a tray. Silver, bronze, or even copper antique trays work well. Stop by an antique or second-hand store and you’re sure to find one that you love.

You can also use a wooden tray, or another in any other material that you like.

Another option is setting up your min-bar in an old suitcase. Yes, you read that correctly: an old suitcase. This is an idea that’s full of style and personality, ideal for vintage lovers.

All you need to do is find an antique suitcase that’s still okay to use and you’re ready! Place it on top of a counter and set up your favorite drinks inside.

Mini bar no space


As you’ve read today, there are all kinds of ways to create a home mini-bar. We wanted to share our three favorites, and the most easiest, with you.