When to Use and Not Use Animal Prints in Your Home Decor

People have become very passionate about animal prints. But, be careful! It’s important to know how to decorate using these prints.
When to Use and Not Use Animal Prints in Your Home Decor

Last update: 05 July, 2020

There’s no doubt that animal prints are here to stay. The most stylish among us know that wearing clothing or accessories with animal prints is a sure way to impress. Animal prints have now become a must in interior design too, however, it’s important to take care when using these prints. You wouldn’t want your home to look like a zoo! This post will explain how, when, and where to use animal prints in your home decor.

For example, a black and white cow print could create a stylish look in any room in your home if used in small details, such as cushions or a rug on the floor. You just need to know where to use these prints and how to combine them with other materials and colors.

The key thing to remember is that it’s important to treat animal prints as the feature of a space. This ensures that you don’t overwhelm it with too many prints or colors. Here’s some advice on the different ways you can incorporate animal prints in your home decor.

How to use animal prints in your home decor

Below are some ideas for items in your home that would suit an animal print. Whether you’re in love with these prints or you just want to be a bit daring, these tips will help you transform your home.


Cushions with animal print.

Animal print cushions / westwing.es

There’s no doubt that cushions are a beautiful way to decorate any room. They’re not only affordable, but you can also easily change them whenever you want.

You could use feline, zebra, cow, giraffe, or tiger prints to decorate your spaces, whether it’s your living room or bedroom. It’s best to use just one type of fur in each space and play around with similar, but relatively plain colors. You’ll love the results!

Wall decorations

Pictures with animal prints.

Animal print pictures / visioninteriorista.com

If you like the idea of using animal print wallpaper on your walls, then rest assured that you’ll be a top trendsetter. Any guests will be in awe when they see your home.

But if you think this might be too bold, you could instead hang some printed pictures on the main walls in your home. This will give your spaces both a unique and modern look. Here’s an article on the different types of frames you could use to hang your pictures, just for a bit of inspiration.

It’s a good idea to choose nice, elegant and simple frames for your pictures. You should also hang pictures on plain walls that are painted in neutral colors, as this will avoid your rooms becoming too busy with patterns or color.


A rug with an animal print.

A large rug is a great way of giving your space a purpose. Having said that, bear in mind the furniture you place around your rug should be modern and simple. You could add a couple of antiques, but avoid going overboard.

For example, you could lay an animal print rug at the foot of your child’s bed. They might find this a really fun idea and they’ll love waking up to see the prints of some of their favorite animals.

Sofas, chairs, and stools

An image representing animal prints to use in your home decor.

Using animal prints on sofas, chairs or stools is a lovely idea. Just imagine walking into an entrance hall to see an antique bench covered in a leopard print… wouldn’t that impress! This is maybe an idea for the bravest among us, but if you want to release your daring side, then don’t hesitate to use an animal print in your seating areas.

Ways to use animal prints in your home decor

An image representing animal prints to use in your home decor.

Animal print notebooks / blog.saulamchic.com

There are many other ways you can use animal prints in your interior decor. Animal prints are now popular enough that it’s easy to find lots of accessories that use them, such as lamps, vases, or pots for your favorite flowers.

It’s also easy to find jars and containers that use animal prints, and so these could be perfect for decorating your kitchen. You could also incorporate them into your study space using notebooks, notepads, laptop cases, or your mouse mat.

You could combine different accessories that use animal prints, but be careful as overusing these prints will have the opposite effect to what you desire. Rather than creating a modern look, your home might end up looking tasteless.

It can be really fun to decorate with animal prints. The key is to not overuse these prints in your spaces by using them in small amounts and combining them with neutral colors and materials.

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