What is a Nordic Kitchen?

A Nordic kitchen is a comfortable, warm and functional space. Would you like to apply these concepts in your home?
What is a Nordic Kitchen?

Last update: 25 December, 2021

Undoubtedly, the decorative style of the Scandinavians found a place in the hearts of the whole world thanks to their simplicity. Alongside the importance that they give to light and the practicalities of their spaces, a Nordic style is a beautiful option for any home. With this in mind, keep reading to discover what a Nordic kitchen is and how to create one in your home.

The heart of the home is transformed into a much warmer place, with modern airs and soft colors that bathe family life. Are you ready to put this into practice?

Designing a Nordic kitchen

Design a Nordic kitchen

Nordic kitchens have so many attributes that it’s not surprising that they’ve become an object of desire in recent years. They’re bright, minimalist, practical, and, at the same time, cozy. For this reason, many people want to bring a little piece of the coldest European countries to their own homes.

They can be perfectly adapted to your decorative style. Equally, they don’t dismiss the most modern and daring interiors. Just as they don’t dismiss the most classic and rustic ones. Hence, the world of design has fallen for Nordic proposals.

Living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms have been bathed in neutral tones, beautifully saturated spaces, and capable furniture with functionality as the main charm. But, this time, you’ll discover how you can transform your kitchen.

Say yes to light

The main basis of Nordic decor is to enhance luminosity and this is due to the shortage of natural light that’s typical in these countries. For this reason, large windows without curtains are often used to let the sun’s rays inside.

If you have a kitchen with windows, we recommend that you follow this premise and enjoy the warmth that natural light gives. Otherwise, you’ll have to play with overhead lighting and with several points of light to imitate the effect of the sun.

Use natural materials to create a Nordic kitchen

The favorite materials of Nordic decoration are those that come directly from nature, such as wood, fibers, and stone finishes.

As far as Nordic kitchens are concerned, there’s nothing better than natural wooden furniture combined with the color white. This means that coldness is compensated, especially if you add wicker or rattan details through your accessories.

A wooden countertop in light tones, such as beech or birch, with steel appliances will give your kitchen a more modern touch.

White and wood kitchens

Passion for white

In a Nordic kitchen, the color white is the absolute protagonist. It’s usually present in the furniture, on the walls, and even on the floors. It’s a color that, in addition to giving the feeling of more space, also transmits order and cleanliness and is perfect to match any decorative style.

Look for accessories and textiles with prints in soft colors such as blue or green to give more harmony to the whole.

Nordic kitchens are functional

Nordic design is committed to creating cozy environments that invite you to spend time with those you love. A kitchen should be that nerve center in which not only food is cooked, but also moments are spent in the company of friends and family full of the flavor of home.

Open kitchens where the dining room is integrated offer many possibilities when it comes to covering the functional part. They also allow you to create an intimate space for cooking and socializing.

A Nordic kitchen combines different shapes and styles

Mixing different shapes and styles makes the composition visually richer than when everything is too uniform. The key is knowing how to combine each piece and make it as harmonious as possible.

Creating a Nordic kitchen is simple if you use wood, white and natural materials. Use accessories to bring a touch of color, such as jars, cookware, and glassware. 

You’ll see how your kitchen will soon become a very inspiring place. Here you can prepare your food and spend pleasant times with your family.

Light colors, wood, and warm lighting will be the elements that fill your kitchen with the Scandinavian spirit. Enjoy the pleasure of simplicity.