What Does Feng Shui Say About Your Furniture Layout?

Feng Shui states we arrange our furniture a certain way so that prosperity can be part of our lives and energy can fill each and every corner. So, what does Feng Shui say about your furniture layout?
What Does Feng Shui Say About Your Furniture Layout?

Last update: 14 May, 2020

Feng Shui is all about furniture layout and harmonizing the space by using the right energy flow. This thousand-year-old philosophy born in China around six thousand years ago is becoming more and more popular in the western world. It helps us decorate our homes or offices with awareness by creating healthy and positive environments, full of life.

Feng Shui suggests, amongst other recommendations, using colors, and finding a balance between natural elements: wood, fire, earth, water, and metal. It also requires a precise furniture layout. This is what we are going to talk to you about today.

What are the Feng Shui no-goes?

feng shui decoration

A messy house

For Feng Shui, a messy house is equivalent to an unhealthy house. Having a tidy house implicates prosperity and self-respect. Our home is our temple and we need to treat it as such. 

An untidy house

For the Chi, or in other words the vital energy, to flow positively in every corner of our home, we need to create organized environments. If this isn’t achieved, the flow stagnates and could even disrupt prosperity in certain aspects of our life. With these recommendations, you will manage to maintain order in your house.

Old items

We aren’t referring to antiques but rather to all the old objects you have all over your house. And let’s not talk about the broken ones. Feng Shui invites us to get rid of broken plates and anything else that isn’t functional. Having old or broken items in your house is just like inviting deprivation in.

Artificial or dead plants

Plants and Feng Shui work together which is why it’s best to always have live plants, and once they die, you should get rid of them. This process is about activating energy and anything dead does quite the opposite. Place plants in corners in your house. Plants will give life to these areas.

There are many ways of counterbalancing the negative effects of a home’s layout by using mirrors, decoration elements, and the right shapes and colors.

A Feng Shui layout

Let’s focus on how the furniture layout should be to create the right energy flow. It’s way easier than you think and common sense will help you in this task.

Feng Shui bedroom

wooden bedboard

The first thing you need to know is that it’s important to have a bed headboard. It represents security, protection, and stability, and the stronger and the more solid it is, the better.

Bedside tables are another important aspect. They should be in pairs to harmonize relationships or yin and yang.

The best bed orientation is to the north. And when possible, you should avoid your bed facing a door or a mirror. This prevents proper rest as the energy is always live. Use warm colors and natural materials, always. This will connect you with calm and beauty.

Feng Shui living and dining rooms

living room layout

You must avoid at all cost edges, corners, and over-angular shapes as they cut the energy and can be argument initiators.

The appropriate layout is a circle to allow conversations and fluidity. As for tables, they should be round.

The floor represents stability and is an earth-element. To avoid the energy from flowing too fast and to take full advantage of its benefits, it’s recommended you use carpets.

Feng Shui kitchen layout

rustic kitchen

Don’t forget to balance the elements, and this is valid here more than in any other room. Kitchens tend to have a lot of steel, this is why it’s ideal to have wooden furniture. As for the bin lid, it should always be shut if you don’t want negative energies invading your house.

Keeping this room tidy is very important for prosperity to enter your home. The kitchen is one of the most creative spaces in your house, so keeping it clean and organized is a significant step towards prosperous and exiting projects.

Feng Shui bathroom

light bathroom

Two basic rules exist in the bathroom – always keep the toilet lid down and the door shut. Water leaks are linked to financial leaks, so always keep things working properly.

Feng Shui corridors

small corridors

Another area that needs to be addressed. These are spaces that connect and communicate. A way of avoiding energy loss is by using frames, carpets, a small piece of furniture, or a shelf.

Feng Shui entrance

feng shui entrance

This is where we welcome both our guests and the energy. It’s important to place a mirror on a side wall and never facing the door to achieve Chi and avoid outdoor and indoor energies getting mixed up.

If you want to know more about Feng Shui, read our articles on this topic and let the positive energy flood into your home.