Using Artificial Grass for Indoor Decor

Artificial grass can be a means to bring nature indoors. It's like taking a piece of the countryside and putting it inside the house.
Using Artificial Grass for Indoor Decor

Last update: 01 December, 2020

There are many ideas to incorporate the color green into your home. Most people are used to seeing it in paintings, in fabrics, or plants, but you can also add green with artificial grass indoors.

Bringing nature inside the house is an easy way to make your home attractive. To do this, people usually repeat the typical and traditional approaches, but other materials simulate vegetation and that last.

The time has come for you to create an original and distinguished decor. Instead of repeating old ideas, you can use other new and unusual items.

Using artificial grass in the hospitality industry

Some fuzzy green bar stools.

Hotels, bars, and restaurants have started a new decorative trend that tries to apply the color green with vegetation such as artificial grass. It’s used in many ways, to get a more avant-garde appearance.

Obviously, it’s used for outdoor and indoor floors. However, it has other uses. For example, for the bottom part of a bar, try combining it with the wood or with the stone or slate furniture.

Also, you can use it on the walls or even on the furniture. Covering stools and chairs with artificial grass has been a hot trend recently. It breaks with tradition and opens up new aesthetic paths.

Hoteliers try to offer a unique image for their business.

Using artificial grass at home

An outdoor lawn with artificial grass.

The first space that comes to mind with artificial grass is the garden. Obviously, this is appropriate and fits fine, but it can also be found indoors. Let’s look at 4 ways to incorporate it according to the room:

  1. The carpet in the living room or the bedroom is a unique choice. It takes on a genuine look as if it were a small meadow. This type of decor is inspired by nature, so you can feel like you’re in the countryside.
  2. If you have a sunroom or a terrace, either open or closed, it fits in very well. Why is this? Basically, because it shows a certain informality, clearly differentiating itself from other decor items in the rest of the house.
  3. As we mentioned it’s used in the hospitality industry, and you can also use it on the walls as if it were natural vegetation that can be accompanied by flowers and other plants.
  4. As for covering the entire wall, you can give it some contrast if the rest of the room (walls and ceiling) are in white or in a warm color. It must be taken into account that green transmits a certain coldness and freshness, so it needs to be counterbalanced by another tone.

A chill-out space

An outdoor seating area.

Artificial grass is perfect if you want to have a chill-out space where you can disconnect or have friends over. As a carpet or a floor mat, it’s really comfortable and generates that natural feeling everyone likes so much.

It looks great with jute furniture or sofas in white, dark, or warm tones. The well-being it provides even allows you to go barefoot. Also, it’s easy to clean and doesn’t wear out easily. For this reason, it’s a good alternative.

Soft and comfortable to the touch.

Types of decorative artificial grass

A lawn with some storage space.

There are many types of artificial grass for large surfaces, from those that have a very realistic look to those that are functional and have a completely fake color.

Clearly, some are going to be more expensive than others. Therefore, you must look for the one that best suits your needs and that you like the most. In fact, stores usually have samples for you to check their appearance and texture.

In short, if you want to apply an original and natural-like item, this option is ideal for achieving a certain freshness, comfort, and greenery in the environment without having to work in the garden.


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