5 Types of Magazine Racks with a Lot of Charm

Magazine racks are useful complement for home organization. They stand out for their functionality and contribute positively to the decoration.
5 Types of Magazine Racks with a Lot of Charm

Last update: 24 August, 2023

Home decoration should be nourished by different items that provide functionality and serve as a complement. To extract more ideas about them, we’re going to introduce you to 5 types of magazine racks with a lot of charm that offer different possibilities on an aesthetic level.

Generally, we find them in the living room, as they’re very suitable for storing magazines inside that would otherwise be stored in shelves, cabinets, drawers, or other compartments. In this regard, we must guarantee order and harmony.

Our priority is that they can contribute positively, both for their appearance and for their practicality. Undoubtedly, they’re a positive contribution, and no matter where you place them, they won’t fall into the background. Quite the contrary–they contribute significantly.

5 types of magazine racks with a lot of charm.
Image: amazon.es

1. Forged metal magazine racks

These are one of the most striking specimens that are currently trending. Wrought iron magazine racks have a rustic and modernist appearance. They’re usually configured by curved inlets and outlets that are very interesting for decorating interiors.

They usually have fret-work facades and aren’t opaque. In other words, they allow us to glimpse the magazines themselves from the outside. This factor is important, taking into account that, depending on the format, they can be larger or smaller; You can even find some with attractive designs.

A typology that’s striking and unique.

2. Leather magazine holders

Within this field, we find numerous cases. These provide elegance and sophistication. It’s important to keep in mind that this type of material is usually less common and, consequently, more expensive. Let’s take a look, therefore, at a couple of examples in this regard:

  • Those made of leather are the most common, especially those in a brown or dark brown tone. They fit very well in country settings, country houses, and also in contemporary homes.
  • They attract attention because they offer a naturalistic sense and introduce an artisan side to the home.
  • Today there are multiple formats that aim to imitate genuine leather. We’re referring, for example, to leatherette, which has a very similar appearance that, deep down, can go unnoticed and fulfill the same purpose.

3. Magazine racks made of linen

One of the most sensible and easy fabrics to work with is linen. It perfectly defines what the classicist sense is and provides greater elegance. It stands out from informality to try to offer a much more interesting approach.

Some can be made up of small details: Ruffles, bows, pendants, etc. Any of these resources can fulfill the mission of decorating without clashing.

The tones that they usually have are basically warm, especially beiges and ochres. Without a doubt, we can consider them as the most common within the decorative panorama.

A wire magazine rack.
Image: amazon.es

4. Gold metal magazine racks

To give the home more charm, we can resort to golden metal magazine racks and thus obtain a more luxurious feel. The sparkles and shine that they offer can generate a modern and formal classic atmosphere.

In this case, we can’t speak of a typology that fits well in any style. Actually, they can be somewhat more limited. Remember that gold becomes one more quality that contributes to the functionality of the magazine rack.

The material is metallic, so these magazine racks have a lot to do with those of forged metal; they work in the same way. In this regard, we can say that, in general, they acquire prominence and relevance wherever they’re located, and attract significant attention.

A good option to decorate the interiors under classicist precepts.

5. Wooden magazine racks

Another type of magazine rack that enriches internal aesthetics is that made of wood. With these racks, we ensure the perfect combination with everything they have around them. In other words, they collaborate positively with the whole.

Within the world of crafts, they’re also very common, and, in addition, they produce a pleasant and relaxed visual effect. Normally, they’re brown, so they’ll create a sense of warmth.

They’re usually made up of a series of compartments where magazines and other objects are placed. In this way, they help organize the home and are a good complement to the sofa or armchair. In addition, they can have external engravings and drawings to offer defined content.

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