Try the Glamour of Art Deco Bedrooms

Learn to refresh your bedroom in the art deco style.
Try the Glamour of Art Deco Bedrooms

Last update: 27 May, 2020

Do you dream about the glamour and the luxury of the Great Gatsby years? If so, when you dare to bring the art deco aesthetic to your bedroom, you’ll make your dreams a reality! Read on to learn about art deco bedrooms.

Let’s travel back in time to the era of cloché hats, wavy hairdos, and jazz. Keep reading to find out how to put the aesthetics of the Great Gatsby years into your house. More specifically, we’ll show you the best ideas to create art deco bedrooms.

Art Deco is one of the most iconic interior design styles. It gives life to some of the most impressive houses in the world. This glamorous statement of style has geometric patterns, vibrant colors, metallic finishes, and great visual drama.

This is a powerful aesthetic style, which is both functional and elegant. But moderation is what makes the style shine with an inherent glamour and luxury, leaning toward the very traditional. 

Keys points of the art deco bedroom

Bedroom decorate in light aqua with mirrors, typical of art deco bedrooms
                                   art deco bedroom /

Large pieces of furniture with polished and shiny finishes characterize art deco. Also, the fabrics are bright and have character. Fleeces and velvet fabrics support the satin blend.

Shapes are geometric and angular and mix with natural motifs like large floral patterns, shells, and the sun. The walls of the art deco bedroom are covered with large mirrors. Even the wall behind the headboard has mirrors to reflect the room.

Paint colors on the walls are in neutral tones with accent touches. Also, wall lights and lamps are the globe type and give an extra touch of fantasy. The master headboards are of rich fabric upholstery. These combine with armchairs, dressers, and armoires with stylized lines and metallic surfaces.

The upholstery fabrics are full of very bold geometric designs. To be more exact, the prevailing motifs are Greek key designs and zebra stripes. Colors are black and white, dark grays, mustard, and gold colors that create an authentic background scenario for art deco bedrooms.

Egyptian bedroom

Bedroom with Egyptian decor
                                   Colors and textures/

Ancient Egypt has a clear influence on art deco design. Besides the motifs on fabrics and the size of the furniture, there are cut crystal lamps. In the same Greek style, you’ll find metallic items in the shape of lotus plants, sphynxes, fans, and hieroglyphics.

There’s a repetition of Greek motifs on walls, doors, windows, frames, and ceilings. For example, there are vegetable and papyrus designs that are ornamental and mix glamour with history in a perfect way.

Key accessories for art deco bedrooms

Bedroom decorated in beige
                                  Elements of art deco/

For this type of design, the accessories are a very important part of any project. Namely, sculptures, art, paintings, and lamps are basic to give an air of art deco in our bedrooms.

Since we want to add to this style in it’s purest form, or small touches, we need to choose appropriate decorative items in the art deco style.

Not only should you add decorative items, but you’ll need to highlight them. For instance, you can do this by using mirrors that reflect and multiply the retro shapes of art deco style.

The reflection of a way of life

A large bed in art deco style with a frame around it
                                   Art deco decor/

Above all, art deco reflects a way of understanding life. In essence, luxury, art, parties, glamour, and good taste are the foundation for art deco bedrooms. In all, it’s a mix of luxury, distinction, and comfort.

This is the fruition of many combinations of styles and eras. What’s more it’s a journey into the past with personality and a unique character. The ornamental motifs of this style are put on the walls by using sophisticated patterned wallpaper. Then, these mix with dark colors in the background and mirrors that visually repeat the motifs.

Art deco insinuates that life is lived intensely. There is an affection for fast animals like greyhounds, gazelles, herons, and doves.

Added to the glamour of gold hues, chrome items, and polished surfaces are superimposed layers of exotic floral motifs, almost ethnic. Even fine woods, especially of ebony, and natural furs are superimposed.

A very bold style

Art deco headboard with a round mirror

After reading about art deco, you may want to decorate your bedroom in this style. If this is the case, we’re sure that you’ll end up extending this style to the rest of your house. Because of the sophistication of this robust style, it delights at first glance.