How to Choose Wallpaper for Each Area of Your House

Wallpaper is one of the best options to give a new feel to different areas in your house – and without spending too much either. In this article we'll help you choose wallpaper to fit in with every part of your house.
How to Choose Wallpaper for Each Area of Your House

Last update: 28 January, 2021

Wallpaper has become an essential and indispensable element of decoration in many homes due to its ease of use and low cost. However, not all wallpapers have the same characteristics. For that reason, you need to know how to choose the best wallpaper for each area in your home.

If you want to decorate your house with wallpaper, then here are a few guidelines to turn you into an expert!

Bathroom wallpaper.
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How to choose your bathroom wallpaper

Tiles have always been the most popular design elements for bathroom walls. However, people don’t usually change them too often due to their high price and expensive installation.

With the advent of wallpaper, bathrooms can now be renovated much more frequently as this type of wall decoration is much more economical and easier to carry out.

As bathrooms are exposed to so much humidity and water, the wallpaper with the best characteristics is vinyl paper. It’s resistant to humidity, condensation, and heat.

One of the best benefits of this type of paper, in addition to those already mentioned above, is that it’s very simple to maintain.

The great variety of combinations and shapes that these wallpapers can cover means that you can play with them to create larger or more elegant spaces depending on the characteristics of the bathroom.

Wallpaper for the bedroom

Wallpaper for the bedroom.
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One of the most typical areas in the house to wallpaper is, undoubtedly, the bedroom. As we said before, the amazing variety of colors, combinations, and shapes will help you to find one that matches your personal tastes, but also the space you have available.

It’s also an ideal way to decorate a child’s bedroom, as the kids will love the designs and pictures. The fact that it’s easy to maintain and keep clean is a great advantage, and they make the room feel fresh and new.

The amount of space you have will influence the decision you make when choosing wallpaper. A lighter shade will give your bedroom a more spacious feel, while a darker shade will give the opposite effect.

If you use wallpaper with very large images, or with many color combinations, then two alternatives are:

  • Use the wallpaper on just one wall
  • Decorate the rest of the room in a very simple and plain way

This will help the room to not feel too overloaded.

Vinyl wallpaper – also ideal for the kitchen

Kitchen wallpaper.
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One of the most original and fun ways to decorate an area in the house as linear as the kitchen is by using wallpaper.

Just like with the bathroom, vinyl paper is the best option for this area of the house where it’s common to find humidity and heat day after day due to the activities you carry out in it.

What paper do I use for the living room?

Brick wallpaper.
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The room where wallpaper is most often used is undoubtedly the living room. Choosing the wallpaper for this room will depend on your taste, but also on the style you want to give to the living room.

Nowadays, the variety of wallpapers that exist even offer you the option of having a similar finish to stone or wood. In this way, you can give your living room the effect that you really want.

Depending on the wallpaper you choose, you can choose to decorate all the walls in your living room, or to only paper the largest or main wall. If you have a very striking wallpaper on all the walls then it can be a bit overpowering.

Wallpaper for the hall or the corridors

Hall wallpaper.

You can also use wallpaper in other areas of the house which aren’t so commonly papered. Here we can include the corridors or the hall. What better way to decorate these passageways and fill them with color and joy?

As a final recommendation, as both the hall and the corridors aren’t usually particularly large, we advise you to choose a wallpaper with small shapes in its design, otherwise, it won’t make a very pleasant contrast.

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