5 Wallpaper Experts

Covering your walls with wallpaper could be a great idea for your home! Here is some information on the top stores for the job. You'll love them!
5 Wallpaper Experts

Last update: 27 July, 2019

In our post today, we want to show you where to find wallpaper ideas and purchase your favorites. Wallpaper is a great decor element and comes in all kinds of designs and textures.

Aside from the variety it offers, wallpaper is also easy to apply albeit a lengthy process. It’s also easy to maintain: cleaning it is simple and doesn’t have to be often.

You can use wallpaper to create unique settings in your home. Though they’re rising in popularity, they’re still not a common find in home decor. So, having wallpapered walls will surprise your guests.

And as we mentioned before, you can find a huge variety of designs and textures. You can use them to imitate textile, wood, leather, porcelain…

As you’ll find on the internet or in interior design magazines, there are many decor stores, companies, and designers that specialize in wallpaper. We have some examples to show you in our post today and hope they’ll be helpful!

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1. Laura Ashley designs

Laura Ashley has an online wallpaper store where you can find for more information about designs, prices…

You’ll love their designs: they’re fresh and delicate. They use a soft, simple color palette. You’ll find monochromatic designs with soft or pastel tones. Colors such as light yellow, lilac or pale pink are common.

As for Laura Ashley designs, they often featured flowers, birds, geometric motifs, lines… For the most part, they’re very simple and aren’t too showy.

To better envision an idea you have in mind, you can request samples in paper or fabric. And if you spend more than 100 euros, shipping is completely free in some areas.

2. Gancedo wallpapers

Gancedo offers more complexity in their designs. It uses an earthy color palette. As a result, we see more maroons, browns, dark greens

Some options evoke Asian decor and exotic rug designs. On the other hand, you can still find simple, light-colored options like those of Laura Ashley. In short, Gancedo offers a wide variety of products.

If you’re into arts and crafts, you’re probably familiar with William Morris wallpaper designs. Well, Gancedo distributes them in Spain. If you’re interested, check out the selection on their website.

3. Wall and Decó wallpaper

Wall and Decó is an Italian firm that starts wall decor trends year after year. And they always do so with bold, innovative designs. We’re talking about completely unique products here.

If you check out their website, you can find more information about their available collections. In Essential Wallpaper, macrodecor yields to weaves and embossed details.

Wall and Decó aren’t just limited to wallpaper for home interiors. You can also find exterior options, such as the Out System collection as well as patented wallpapers for bathrooms, showers and other humid areas.

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4. De Gournay designs

De Gournay doesn’t only offer wallpapers, but the firm also has fabric and porcelain collections that might interest you. Decorate your home with a VIP-touch with their designs.

The firm’s collections include Chinesca, Panoramic Wallpaper, Japanese and Korean, Eclectic and Smooth Designs. The products are a true work of art and stand out for their originality and exclusiveness.

On their website, you can browse all of their collections to get a better idea of their style. You’ll love their references to other cultures and places!

5. Coordonne wallpapers

Coordonne first started 40 years ago in Barcelona. Its creators dreamed of revolutionizing the sector and still continue innovating their designs.

Their designs are head-turning: plants and flowers with big dimensions, trees with hanging leaves, peacocks, maps, faux balconies, scenic views… You won’t know which one to choose for your home. They also offer very modern, abstract designs as well. There’s something for everyone.

We hope that our post has inspired you to decorate your home with wallpaper. Try using wallpapered and natural walls together by only covering one or two walls. While some of the options on our list might be costly, there are still others that offer affordable products.



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