Laura Ashley: Capturing Romance with the Perfect Detail and Decor

Floral print collections from Laura Ashley create possible the most romantic settings of all time.
Laura Ashley: Capturing Romance with the Perfect Detail and Decor

Last update: 12 July, 2019

Who are the romantic English decor icons? We have to mention Laura Ashley. For decades, the interior designer blessed every space she touched with a beautiful romantic air. Today, her company continues offering us gorgeous textile and wallpaper collections that capture the essence of English decor, just as they did years ago.

From bedrooms to living rooms, Ashley’s sweet and romantic style fills the rooms of the most beautiful houses in the world.

Her undeniable talent and magical use of floral compositions make her an unforgettable figure in the history of interior design.

Though she worked with classical and traditional visuals, her settings are truly one-of-a-kind. Many claim that her work calls out to the inner heroine that every woman carries inside.

And we don’t doubt it. Simply put, her fabrics, patterns and bold yet harmonious combinations can wake us up to live vibrantly.

A genius is born

laura ashley genius

Laura Ashley was born in Wales in 1925. Later, she grew up to be a famous fashion and interior decor designer. Throughout her career, she established a worldwide reputation for her fabulous Victorian-style patterns on natural fabrics. Her wonderful designs have graced many items such as bedding, upholstery, curtains, and wallpaper.

Prior to opening her first store in 1976 in Kensington, London, she was already busy making preparations in her own home. Ultimately her work paid off and her style won the decor world over with its purely British dainty floral patterns and lace details.

After opening her first store, she continued to sell internationally in countries like Canada, Australia, and the United States. Ashley would later do business in the rest of Europe, enchanting everyone with her creations.

A style that cannot be recreated

Today, the Laura Ashley brand is just as relevant as it was before. All over the world, stores continue opening their doors thanks to their commitment to quality and unique designs. In 1983, the Laura Ashley dived into furniture design as well, launching its own interior design guide. Unsurprisingly, its success earned plenty of recognition from many.

Laura Ashley’s rich, vibrant and sensual patterns transmit a sweetness that characterizes a style that’s uniquely its creator’s own: the Laura Ashley decor style. Though the talented, one-of-a-kind interior decor designer passed away in 1985, she left behind a legacy that is as bright as it was in its first days.

Laura Ashley safe havens

laura ashley safe haven

Today, the collections that Laura Ashley offer are still designed to create settings that embody a true safe haven. In short, they’re lush yet simple like the English countryside.

Nowadays, the brand offers decorative accessories. Some examples include towels, furniture, wallpaper, tiles, rugs and light fixtures in addition to their clothing.

We love how their products work for both adult’s and children’s decor. They suit any room. The designs are unique and match other elements perfectly.

Laura Ashley furniture pieces are fashioned with noble materials like wood, leather, and fabric. Meanwhile, the romantic cabinets are truly a pleasure for all the senses. Lastly, Laura Ashley fabrics follow a timeless style with contemporary details, which make them perfect for modern decor.

Vintage decor that you’ll fall in love with

laura ashley vintage

Laura Ashley living rooms are blissful retreats where happiness, for simply being there, awaits.

These sophisticated 30s-style settings are always in style. And the decor for little girls’ rooms is our favorite. Decorating your daughter’s room in a Laura Ashley decor will bring a magical place to life.

Just take a look at one of the thousands of decor options and you’ll fall in love. Mixing and matching patterns and using base colors with their accents is a creative process that’s easy to do with a little help. Thankfully, Laura Ashley offers a wide variety of products along with their matching sets of base colors, patterns, furniture and accessories.

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