Wallpaper Illusions: Use Wallpaper to Create Optical Illusions

There are many types of wallpaper you can use to decorate your home. With the design options we offer below, you can choose the one that best suits the aesthetics of your home.
Wallpaper Illusions: Use Wallpaper to Create Optical Illusions

Last update: 18 December, 2018

If you’re planning to renovate the walls of your home, we’ll give you some examples of ways to do it with wallpaper. With these amazing elements, you can create impressive optical wallpaper illusions inside your home. If you want to get away from conventional wall options and want a radical change, we’ll give you some options.

Wallpaper can create visual effects and distort the reality of your space. In addition, you can also simulate certain images. However, there are a wide variety of wall treatments. Among them are large prints of images, natural or urban landscapes, geometric figures with movement and much more.

Therefore, the paper you choose can bring dynamism and originality to all your interior spaces.

Types wallpaper to create wallpaper illusions

Now, we’ll go into different types of wallpaper you can find. You can also find graphic wall treatments and even textured paper that simulates a different material. These can create interesting optical illusions ideal for small spaces.

Consequently, you can create depth that visually makes your home look bigger. In addition, you can give the walls of your home with great style, applying colorful and interesting designs in living rooms, dining rooms, bathrooms, and bedrooms.

Wallpaper illusions can be created by textured wallpaper.

Natural or urban landscapes

There are wallpaper designs that feature photographs of natural or urban landscapes. You can choose the one you like the most for a room in your home.


Wallpaper designs with photographs for the beach, for example, are popular for living rooms. In addition, you can tie in the rest of the decoration with the image. After the wallpaper is up, use several wooden sofas with white cushions, a small coffee table, and a wooden floor. This will create an interesting atmosphere and you’ll feel like you’re on the beach.


On the other hand, you can also choose a wallpaper with a picture of the forest. These can also be very nice in living rooms and also in bedrooms. Fresh colors, trees, and shadows will your spaces a sense of depth.

However, if you choose to use these wallpaper illusions in your living room, use the image near your fireplace. Then, add a fluffy rug and some comfortable sofas. The combination will create a cozy atmosphere of enjoying a fire in the forest at night.

Forest themed wall treatment can create beautiful wallpaper illusions.


If you like urban landscapes, you can use a wallpaper with an image of your favorite city. We recommend, however, if you choose a nighttime cityscape, you really consider the lighting on the walls and ceiling. Otherwise, during the day the room can feel too dark and may feel uncomfortable.

Unique windows

If your house doesn’t have many windows, wallpaper can be a great option in spite of the architectural design of your house. There are creative designs of square or rectangle shapes that simulate an exterior landscape. Therefore, you can use designs of natural or urban landscapes simulating a window in your home.

After putting up the wallpaper, you can frame the image with a window frame. Then, you’ll create interesting wallpaper illusions in your home by using wallpaper to create an artificial landscape.


You can create wallpaper illusions with textured wallpaper.

On the other hand, in addition to wallpaper with landscapes, you can use fun textures that simulate materials. If you live in an apartment and are dying for brick walls, this could be a great way to do it.

There are original designs of wallpapers that simulate materials such as brick, wood, concrete, marble, etc. Consequently, you will be using a thin layer of paper to create these visual textures.

Other options

There are many wallpaper options with daring and interesting designs. You can play with spaces in your house by simulating cracked walls, figures that appear three dimensional, and much more. However, it’s important you consider the colors, the decorative elements, and spaces in your home.

Otherwise, the wallpaper you choose will be out of context. Therefore, try to create interesting and fun atmospheres by thinking about every detail. Use the design you like, expand your spaces and create an atmosphere with movement, texture, and relaxation within your home.