Transform Your Old House With These Tricks

Transforming your old house into an elegant and modern space is very simple. Learn a few tricks to do this easily and cheaply, with minimum fuss and effort.
Transform Your Old House With These Tricks

Last update: 21 July, 2022

Transform your old house into a modern and sophisticated home by following our simple tricks. Beyond copying a trend, some items can make your home look cheerless and tired. These all combine to make it lose elegance and comfort.

That’s why, in this article, we’re going to talk about the types of things that you can eliminate, change or improve to transform your home. Keep reading, discover them and implement them in your home.

Tricks to transform your old house into a modern home

Next, we’re going to share some simple and easy tricks to transform your old house into something far more modern and sophisticated. Have a pen and paper at the ready and write down the tricks that you like the most!

decorate the bedroom
The turquoise and white palette is beautiful and will make your house look more modern.

Choose a more modern color palette

The mere act of changing the color of your walls is a great transformation in itself. However, some colors can age or modernize, which is why the choice of color is so important.

Below, we’ve listed the best chromatic combinations so you can make a successful transformation:

  • White, gray, and black: this combination is elegant and ultra-modern. Its main advantage is that it adjusts timelessly to different decorative styles, so it’ll always be current.
  • Navy blue, pink and white: a very risky palette, but beautiful. Only blue and white respond to the navy aesthetic, which is elegant and transformative. To give it a more modern touch, add a beautiful shade of pink.
  • Red, gray, and black: works very well when it comes to transforming homes. You can use just gray and red or mix the three tones together.
  • White and soft pink: this palette is ideal for transforming your old house into a modern one, and also creates a serene and natural look in the process.
  • Turquoise and white: a color combination that creates a bright and fresh space. It brings a lot of modernity and personality to each area of your house.

Transform your old house with a focal point

Create a focal point to your liking and transform your old house. This guides the eye to that point and will fill your home with modernity.

Beyond attracting attention, this focal point camouflages the disadvantages and defects that exist in other spaces of your house. There are different ways to do it:

  • Fireplace: if you already have this element at home, try to keep it clean, and tidy, and place an eye-catching, sophisticated arrangement on the mantlepiece.
  • Picture: place a large one or a trio of pictures together on the main wall above your sofa in your living room.
  • Headboard: turn this decorative element into a focal point for your bedroom.

Transform your home with light

Older houses are usually a bit dark, not only because of the color palette but also because of a lack of natural light. Added to this problem, we often find dark furniture and flooring, among other elements.

So to make your house look more modern, add more light. Opt for light colors (as we’ve discussed) because these also allow natural light to enter.

Curtains play a huge role too and translucent materials will let the light in and not appear so heavy and dated. Likewise, choose LED bulbs in cool or white tones to contrast with the tones of your walls.

The doors

interior door color
Transform your old house by painting the doors.

It’s amazing, but by paying more attention to the doors inside your house, you can make it look much more modern. Complement the transformation by adding a little color to your doors and frames.

Make sure the colors match your decor but do keep in mind that white always looks great. This trick applies even when we talk about old doors, the objective here is that you achieve a huge change with a small budget.

Choose a clean and spacious look

One of the biggest problems that older houses have is that there are many elements that can make the space look small, even though it’s not. Make a check list of the furniture and decorative objects you have so that you can identify which objects you’re going to keep and which you’re going to get rid of.

The more visually clean and spacious your house looks, the more modern and beautiful it’ll become. This will also make the colors and other changes you’ve already made shine brighter.

Transform old furniture

Keep in mind that any furniture you no longer want or have a use for can be donated or sold. You can breathe new life into old furniture by painting it in tones consistent with your color scheme. 

Among your options are chalk paint, which gives a modern and elegant matte finish.

Transform your old house with ease!

Let’s reassure you that our tricks are designed to be easy and simple to carry out. Moreover, they’re also cheap fixes too, that really won’t be expensive to implement.

Simply look at your house with new eyes and consider the things that may make it feel tired and outdated. Then plan your updates and enjoy living in a fresh new space.