Top Tips For Decorating Your Coffee Table

December 22, 2019
In today's article, we're going to show you how to decorate your coffee table. With our tips, you'll never have to worry about how it looks ever again.

If there’s one aspect of your living room that’s sure to turn heads, it’s the coffee table. This everyday piece of furniture should form the focal point of your room, so it’s important to get it right.

We often hear that many people don’t really know how to go about decorating their coffee table. Well, we might just be able to help. Believe it or not, there’s a simple formula you can use that will guarantee success every time. We’ll tell all in this article.

The secret formula for the perfect coffee table

A metal coffee table.

If you want a simple way to decorate your coffee table, you need to remember this magic formula to help you avoid the most common decorating mistakes. This formula will give you the keys to success, but after that, you can be as creative as you like.

The first thing you need to do is try to imagine your table is divided into 4 equal parts. Place large objects in two corners diagonally opposite each other to create a sense of balance. Any smaller objects can go in the two remaining corners.

The best thing to do is to change your decoration depending on the time of year. For example, in the fall, you could decorate your table with a basket of dried leaves and in the springtime, you can decorate with fresh flowers. And don’t forget to get out the Christmas decorations for the festive season.

Finally, try not to clutter your table. That way, you can really show off your display in all its glory.

Top tips for a beautiful coffee table

Now that you know the best way to divide and decorate your table, we want to share some of our top tips to make decorating even easier.


Creating height.

To avoid the typical, one-dimensional table decor, add a tall vase, a vintage-style bottle or a houseplant. This will really brighten up the whole look.

The magic of trays

A handy tray.

Trays are a great way to decorate any coffee table, as they allow you to group different objects together, and create a sense of unity and order. Not to mention how easy it makes it when it comes to cleaning.

Using boxes

A trio of vases.

Whether a box or a basket, using these sorts of containers makes it so much easier to decorate and organize your home. They’re super useful for keeping things like remote controls and coasters.


Book decor.

We love filling our home with books. They’re decorative, beautiful and make great conversation starters.

Variety is the spice of life

A modern black and white coffee table.

Try to combine a mixture of colors and textures (without going overboard). This will help your table really stand out. Far from being just a handy surface for drinks, your table will be the star of the show.

Decorating your coffee table – examples

Still not sure how to decorate your coffee table? If you’re still having problems envisaging exactly how your table should look, don’t worry! We’ve found a few simple, beautiful and practical examples that’ll help transform your living room into a fantastic space to entertain guests.

Color scheme

Choosing the right color scheme.

Using color is a great way to create a really striking coffee table. Choose a color palette that works well with the rest of your decor, and arrange all the different elements just like we discussed earlier.

A mixture of shapes

Wooden table.

If you decide to decorate your table with books or magazines, we recommend combining them with round objects, such as a box, a vase, or an ornament. That way, you’ll create a perfect balance.

The charm of bottles

Bottle decor.

This is a really low-cost idea that’ll look great in any living room. Depending on the size of your coffee table, you could decorate with glass bottles or demijohns. For best results, fill them with natural plants and flowers to create a boho-inspired look.

The basis of a great coffee table

Natural decor.

So, when it comes to decorating your coffee table, don’t forget to incorporate candles, vases, books, and a handy tray. If there’s anything that can make your table look great, it’s these four items. Play around with the shapes, colors, and sizes, and the rest will simply fall into place.

See how easy it is to decorate your coffee table? Follow this simple formula, stick to the basics, and add your own personal touch, and you’ll have it looking great in no time.