Tips on How to Decorate a New Year's Eve Table

This year, we want your New Year's Eve table to shine like no other. We're going to tell you about trends, colors, styles, and everything else you absolutely must include. Dinner is served!
Tips on How to Decorate a New Year's Eve Table

Last update: 30 January, 2019

Gathering around the table is always wonderful and fun. You get together with friends or family and spend endless hours eating and chatting. But the New Year’s Eve table holds a special place in a home. It’s a chance for you to stand out and show your love with an amazing mise-en-scène. What better way to start the new year?

The steps to a perfect New Year’s Eve table

1. Planning

Don’t leave everything until the last minute. Figure out how many guests you’ll be having, how much space you need, how many children and adults, what your menu will be, and whether or not you have enough tableware for everyone.

There are lots of things to remember, so making a list can be a big help. Make one for the food you need, another for the decorations, another for the gifts, and one more for practical things like making sure your tablecloths aren’t stained.

2. Personal style

New Year's Eve table

There are lots of different decorative trends for a New Year’s Eve table. You should go with the one that works best with your personality, and the style of your home.  Nordic, rustic, romantic, sophisticated…Everything goes, and the only thing that truly matters is that everyone is comfortable.

3. Details matter

This is a special day, and you want to show your guests how much you love them. What better way than to dazzle them with your New Year’s Eve table? So, p ut a personalized gift on each person’s place. This adds a wonderful touch and shows your guests where they’re supposed to sit.

They don’t have to be big gifts. Something simple like a napkin holder with their initials, a snowball with their name, or box of chocolates, is plenty… You know them best, so you know what to surprise them with!

4. Don’t forget to decorate

Use the opportunity to decorate with your entire family. It’s a great way to spend quality time together. Below this, we’re going to show you some end-of-year decor trends. Just always keep in mind that you want your table to be warm, pretty, and not so over the top that it’s uncomfortable or hard to see each other.

Add crystal balls, lights, candles, and green branches here and there.

Don’t overload the table. That will make it much more uncomfortable, and your decorations won’t stand out.

If you’re going to use one-time plates, you should buy paper ones. We’re big advocates for reducing plastic consumption because it’s bad for the environment, and (long-term) for our health.

Don’t forget about the chairs either! Your table is the star of the show, but you can still put some small crowns on the seat backs or some kind of ornament to help ring in the new year with cheer.


nordic New Year's Eve table

This trend has been around for a few years now. Scandinavians have a wonderful, cozy style, which you can see in the way they decorate their tables. If they fit with your style, wood, warm lighting, and fir wreaths are perfect. If you want to be extra Scandinavian, you can put some fur or leather on each chair and truly stand out!


If you’re passionate about nature, crafts, and organic materials, go for a more rustic style. Burlap will be your new best friend. You can use it for all kinds of things from table napkins to placemats.

You can use a linen or cotton tablecloth in an earthy or golden tone. 

Lastly, you can put in a centerpiece with laurel, eucalyptus, and poinsettias. Hang pine cones with bells and matching bows, or wooden ornaments, from the chair backs. Your decorations will be a hit!


Glass, gold, and black are some of the most elegant and popular New Year’s Eve trends. That’s right, even black has found a place in our colorful holiday season, to give things a touch of seriousness. You’ll see it in some tableware and even in some tablecloths and other fabrics. 

You still want lots of goldbecause of the brightness and magic it gives off. You could go for a golden brown, old gold, or one of its shinier varieties. Use it for your plates, silverware, and even your centerpiece!

Combine it with neutral tones and white for a lighter look. Or, combine it with green and wood for a more natural vibe.

The 12 grapes at midnight

New Year's Eve table

This is a famous Spanish tradition. As you count down to the New Year, you eat one grape for every second and make a wish each time. Even if you do this the traditional way, you’ll have the most original New Year’s Eve celebration in town!

But there are some other ways, too. You can serve grapes on skewers, in jars, kraft paper bags, or inside a glass sphere. Everything goes, but wrapping them up like this can really help make the new year special.

One last thing: buy small ones so that no one chokes. If you have picky eaters coming over, buy them seedless and peel the skins off. Your guests will love you!

Ready to have the best New Year’s Eve table in town? Holiday traditions fill us all up with goodness and love and help recharge our batteries. So enjoy them with your family and start the New Year with best wishes!