The World of Lanterns: Light up and Decorate your Home

There are lots of different kinds of lanterns that you can use in interior and exterior home decoration. Let us introduce you to a handful of them.
The World of Lanterns: Light up and Decorate your Home

Last update: 22 October, 2018

Lanterns are a type of light source that often bring warmth and tranquility into our homes. There are different varieties that you can use for your home’s interior and exterior decor. We’d like to talk about some lantern features and kinds that you should consider if you want to purchase one.

Lanterns for any kind of room

As everyone knows, the type of lantern or the kind of light that you should choose depends on the room that you’re decorating. They can be used both in outdoor and interior decoration. In fact, there are some lanterns that are used specifically for the outdoors.

There are all kinds of sizes, shapes and colors. However, the classic style will never go out of fashion; this is the lantern that you see on street walls, or on the exterior walls of many homes. People have reinvented the classic style and have created new kinds, preserving the classic feel.

Lantern types

Exterior decor lanterns

If you have a big patio with a lot of green, or simply just a balcony or patio, this section is for you. Lighting up your outdoor space will create a lovely, warm ambiance to enjoy dinner outdoors on a summer night. You could fix lanterns onto a wall or hang them, or even just place small ones in the center of your table.

Interior decor lanterns

Using light indoors will give your rooms an interesting dimension. They’ll help highlight light and bring the other decorative pieces in your home together. You can place them on the walls, just like you would outdoors.

Another interesting idea is using a large lantern in your home entrance, or on the first step of your staircase that leads to the bedrooms. You could also try hanging medium or small-sized lanterns over the center of your tables.

Types of lantern lighting

The lighting that your lantern provides will depend on two factors: the material of the lantern itself and the light source that you use inside.

Here are two ideas, you can choose to go one way or the other depending on what kind of ambiance you want to create and which kind of lantern that you have. A lantern can use a lightbulb or, if you like, a candle. It’s up to you. If you’d like to go with the bulb, choose from a dim, yellow light or a cool, white light. The type of lighting that you have will set the mood of your rooms.

Types of lanterns

Decorative lanterns

Decorative lanterns don’t light up. People use them just to decorate and create an atmosphere. You could use them next to dried or fresh flowers, or with a different decorative element that you like.

Table lanterns

As we mentioned previously, table lanterns are generally on the smaller side. If you use them as a centerpiece for a family gathering or hang-out with friends, place a candle inside. They’ll light up the space beautifully.

If you’d like to use table lanterns in the other areas of your home, you can choose different sizes accordingly.

Hanging lanterns

Hanging lanterns have become very popular for any space. You can use them both indoors and outdoors. They generally include a strong rope or chain for hanging. Decorating your living room with several hanging lamps from the center of your ceiling at different lengths will give your home unique detail.

Wall lanterns

We’ve already noted that wall lamps are usually the most popular choice. They’re quite popular for exterior use. However, using wall lanterns inside your home will make for an original idea There are different types to choose from along with diverse materials, colors and finishes.

You might find, for example, a black, metal or copper lantern with an aged finish. The glass in lantern uses could be smooth, transparent or tinted. You also have the options of green glass or glass with a cracked patina finish. The latter would help you accent light even more.

Wall lanterns

Foot lanterns

These are perfect for outdoors. If you have a backyard, or a poorly-lit front yard, adding some lanterns could help prevent accidents or falls.

You could even use foot lamps inside your home and you can find them in different sizes. If you find a medium-height foot lantern, it could look beautiful in your home entrance or in a lonely corner of your home.

As you’ve read today, there are an immense variety of lanterns to choose from. All you need to do is really think about your spaces. Do your research and ask for professional help if you want to install one (like a wall lantern, for example).

Don’t forget that lighting is a key element for creating the atmosphere that you want. In addition, lighting completes and matches with your home decor.

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