The Most Appealing Kitchens on Instagram

Have you thought about changing your kitchen?
The Most Appealing Kitchens on Instagram

Last update: 05 October, 2020

Instagram is an inexhaustible source of inspiration and this week delving into the world of kitchens. Do you want to see them? Appealing kitchens are available in many styles.

We’ve taken a virtual tour to locate the most beautiful kitchens on Instagram. They are true jewels in which you will find a lot of inspiration.

All are works of some of the best interior designers or decoholics that exist and are inspirational for giving a new look to any space in your home. Why not take a look?

The charm of rural life with appealing kitchens

A country kitchen with a shappy chic piece of furniture, often found in appealing kitchens

Image: @lizmariegalvan

Liz Marie has a house in Michigan, United States, which transports you to the countryside just by looking at it. This is thanks to her paintings, her flowers, and her DIY ideas.

You can find Liz as @lizariegalvan and follow her rural life in the country with her family while acquiring decor inspiration.

Her kitchen brings is divine. As you can see it’s white, made of wood, and contains refurbished furniture like the island in the center. This is perfect as a work surface or for breakfast with the family. What’s more, it also has a special feature – its planks at the bottom give extra storage.

All the details are vintage. The decorator opts for open shelves to maintain order in the kitchen. The two golden lamps are the icing on the cake for this space.

Appealing kitchens that aren’t afraid of using color

a kitchen with green cabinets

Image: @themakersitsa

Gwen Hefner is an interior designer who defines her work as “without fear of color” and you only have to log in to her Instagram@themakerista account to check it out.

Her style is modern and full of more classic details, achieving a balance as perfect as it is unmistakable.

Among Gwen’s posts, you can see some of her works, like this tricolor kitchen. The black and white floor gets almost all the attention and is supported by interesting furniture.

She’s chosen a risky shade of green, but the result is charming, elegant, sophisticated, and almost timeless. Also, she’s added marble to the work counter and the small bar that serves as a divider for the rooms. Needless to say, it’s a kitchen that stands out. Would you try something like this?

Back to the past – one of the ideal kitchens on Instagram

A vintage kitchen with whtie appliances

Image: @ melodrama

It’s impossible to see it and not fall in love with @melodrama, the account of Krsy Melo, a passionate of the pin-up style of the ’50s who has decided to capture it in every corner of her house and her lifestyle.

Also, you’ll find not only decor inspiration but also DIY ideas, recipes, delicious cocktails, and tips for seasonal decorations… What more could you ask for?

Speaking of kitchens, this one has the prize for originality. It’s not suitable for the more classic styles, nor for those who prefer minimalism, but if you’re looking for something different, you’re in the right place.

Don’t you think the white vinyl wallpaper walls with big yellow flowers are adorable? But the best thing is the combination of white and pink furniture. Its retro appliances make it seem that you’re in a house from the series Mad Man and that Don Draper will appear at any time!

Instagram ideas – Nordic Kitchen Styles Taken to Another Level

Kitchen with white walls and wooden table for appealing kitchens


Image: @mumandhome_

We’ve already told you about the Nordic style in previous posts and it’s one of our favorites. The work Marta has done with her house is spectacular.

Talking about kitchens, Marta (@mumandhome_) has uploaded a video where she shows us every corner of her house.

As you’ll see, much of the furniture is made of wood and is white, simple, and clean. The focus is on the central table from @sharkpalets_sharkpaletspro. The flowers show they’re can beautify any environment.

These are just some of the Instagram posts that we like the most, where you can find plenty of kitchens as beautiful and as original as the ones we’ve shown you.


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