Home Decor Inspired by the Countryside

The countryside can be inspiring for naturalistic, harmonious, and well organized home decor. It's a great way to create a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere.
Home Decor Inspired by the Countryside

Last update: 03 October, 2020

Decor inspired by the countryside is just one of the many ways to add a natural touch to your home. By doing so, your living space becomes a place where you can take a breath of fresh air.

Modern and contemporary aesthetic concepts are deeply rooted in interior design. Straight, refined, and avant-garde designs are perfectly anchored in the urban environment but don’t forget there are other ways of doing things.

The rural countryside is a very interesting place to take ideas from. However, the goal is to apply them, in an orderly way, in the home. Therefore, traditions, customs, and nature are the main concepts we’ll look at in this article.

What decor ideas can you take from the countryside?

A rustic living room.
Image: shabbychicmania.it

Countryside decor is based on the extraction of the aesthetics you find in nature and rural towns. In other words, take a glance out the window in order to see a rustic atmosphere.

Simplicity is something that there must be. Therefore, overloading and too many items won’t work. In fact, if you resort to the basics, without complicating things, you’ll reach your goal.

In turn, spontaneity’s another thing you’ll find in the countryside. So, decor that’s too serious, based on exact and specific lines, loses the essence of natural creativity. For this reason, it’s a good idea to look for simplicity and a direct connection with the countryside.

Harmony must exist between inside and outside.

Decor inspired by the countryside

Some décor objects inspired by the countryside.

The objects you choose must be consistent with each other. This way, you’ll achieve a common standard. From there, you’ll manage to define a decor style for your interiors. Do you really know how to do this, though?

The first thing you must do is try to evoke the homes of your ancestors, those who lived in villages and whose decoration was linked to nature, the work of the fields, and life around them. So, let’s look at 3 decor ideas:

  1. Wood’s a material that must be included. In fact, you can find it in the beams, the porch, the doors, the furniture, the floor, etc. The warmth of the color brown and its sync with wood makes it an indispensable component for the architecture of a house.
  2. It’s good to use items that give a rustic theme: farm tools, a trunk, a chest, a fireplace for cold days, objects made of clay, light-colored carpets to decorate the floors, etc.
  3. As far as lighting is concerned, don’t use contemporary spotlights or lamps. To avoid this situation, we recommend using old lamps, chandeliers, or lanterns. However, in the case of an open ceiling, making it simple is enough.

What are the colors of the countryside?

A rustic bathroom.
Bathroom décor / elcosmonauta.es

If you’re inspired by the countryside, you should carefully look at the colors. What’s the palette found in nature and in the rural countryside and how can it be applied inside?

Warm tones are essential: browns, terracotta, toast, oranges, beige, reds, etc. All can be included, while always maintaining balance and combining them with each other. On the other hand, to produce a harmonious contrast, we recommend using white on the walls.

Is there room for cool colors? Obviously, they can be used but shouldn’t dominate. Turquoise or other green palettes go very well with toasted colors. Likewise, you can use sky blue to make things brighter or indigo to darken.

Colors tell a story

A countryside garden

Vegetation must be included in this type of home. Your garden must always be well cared for, with well-watered lawns and a variety of plants that offer an image nourished by various colors.

In this enclosure, you can build a picnic area or create your own relaxation space. The idea is to use it and that it doesn’t remain just as a simple garden.


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