Pistachio Green for Home Decor

Pistachio green is a young, fresh and natural color. You can use it to create original settings that break the mold in home decor.
Pistachio Green for Home Decor

Last update: 11 January, 2020

When we want original home decor, we usually turn to color rather than using unique furniture pieces or decor accessories. If you want to give your home something different, consider using pistachio green!

The colors that you use in your home decor will create a certain ambiance. Depending on the final results and intensity of the color, you can create an atmosphere of certain emotions and sensations.

Pistachio green has many interesting qualities. It intrigues curiosity because it’s not a common color in decor, yet pleasing at the same time. It’s a fresh decor tool that enchants the eye as well as expresses the daring side of its user.

Aesthetic conception

pistachio green aesthetic

How can we begin to describe pistachio green? Everyone senses what they see differently but generally speaking, green sparks ideas of freshness, well-being, and nature.

But green generates other feelings like hope and calm. Green isn’t an especially bold color, but it definitely has a pop. Ultimately it depends on the intensity that you use as green tones can vary from dull to bright shades.

In any case, green doesn’t lull us to sleep; it makes us feel active while stimulating our senses. Green is the exact opposite of colors like gray. It simply spreads joy.

Your home can shine bright with life with pistachio green.

A bold living room

pistachio green living room

Pistachio green is a bold color but it can also serve as a fun, hip decor option. Its natural character can give living rooms an alternative decor that stands out. It’s the perfect color to balance out sad, neutral colors.

  • You can apply the color to your walls but make sure that it creates a contrast with your furniture. Or, you might find more success by pairing it with white and using them in equal parts to create harmony.
  • If you use this color on the walls, make sure to add hints of it to other decor resources as well: pillows, vases, a rug, etc.
  • This beautiful shade of green also offers all kinds of color combination possibilities. For example, pair it with a black or brown floor. Pistachio green and brown can enhance the natural factor in your decor. The same goes for your furniture.
  • Try to avoid using it with colors like red, yellow or pink. The resulting tension is too strong and falsifies the setting.

How can you use pistachio green in a bedroom?

pistachio green bedroom

This particular shade of green makes a great option for children’s rooms. You can even combine it with other colors like sky blue.

While adults prefer bedrooms that are serene and relaxing, that doesn’t mean you can’t use pistachio green for your bedroom decor.

  • Avoid overwhelming the room by simply painting a single wall. For example, paint the wall that stands behind your bed headboard to draw attention there.
  • If your walls are already painted a different color– regardless of if they’re white, ocher, gray, etc.– you can still add pistachio green to details like your blanket, pillows or rug. You can even add it to your dresser doors.

In short, aim to create a little contrast but never compromise the overall flow of your decor. Rather than making it a visual focal point, use the green in accessories to divert attention to specific areas.

Innovative kitchens

pistachio green kitchens

You don’t have to limit yourself to your living room or bedroom; take pistachio green to your kitchen, too. It can help create a decor that breaks the mold. And you can find many kitchen accessories in this color.

Don’t go overboard, but your kitchen decor can have a special relationship with green as the color can offer freshness and color connections with certain produce products.