The Mediterranean Style in Country Houses

When choosing a style that suits both our needs and our homes, the Mediterranean style is a good option. The best news is that it works in country houses too!
The Mediterranean Style in Country Houses

Last update: 01 June, 2023

The choices that we make for the interior designs of our homes should be governed, fundamentally, by our personal tastes and the environment that surrounds it. For this reason, we’re going to learn how we can apply the Mediterranean style to country houses and how it works.

The pleasure of being able to feel comfortable at home is priceless. It’s through decor that we find the ideal approaches to achieve a common goal: the harmony of the whole. This criterion is an essential reference within aesthetics.

From the point of view of interior design, this is one of the most popular styles in homes situated outside of an urban area. Although it also has a place within homes located in cities, it works better in other contexts.

Why do we use the Mediterranean style in country houses?

Mediterranean style living room

Country houses are characterized by having a close link with the exterior, where a direct relationship with nature is effortlessly established. In this sense, it’s essential to ensure the interior elements draw inspiration from the Mediterranean regions.

By doing this, the arising aesthetic concept conforms to an open-plan way of living which is mostly thanks to the breadth of the rooms in country homes. In fact, this also gives rise to using numerous elements and furniture in order to create a suitable setting.

Of course, there are other styles that can work well in these homes too and these include classic, contemporary, and boho chic. However, the Mediterranean style is a perfect fit, especially if the home is located in a country setting or a rural area.

Main resources of the Mediterranean style

To decorate a country house under the principles of the Mediterranean style, you must use elements and resources to harmonize the colors correctly. Let’s see some examples:

  • Wooden furniture: this offers multiple possibilities and includes your dining room table and chairs. Wood demonstrates naturalism and simplicity, without compromise.
  • Informal rugs: esparto, rag, cloth, and all rugs made from natural fabrics speak volumes in rooms with wooden floors and complete the Mediterranean style.
  • White tones: undoubtedly, white is a benchmark for generating luminosity and transmitting purity. This tone combines well with everything and if you want it to dominate, use it on the walls.
  • Exposed stone: following the pattern typical in older country homes, stone is also synonymous with the Mediterranean style. Equally, wooden ceilings with exposed beams are also typical of these styles.

How to decorate exteriors

garden decoration

Every country house usually has a terrace or porch with a garden. As such, we can use comfortable seats with wooden tables. Or we can even create an informal feel through pallets that function as furniture.

As these are going to be areas to relax in, you could also incorporate a rocking chair, a hammock, or a garden swing. In turn, a Balinese bed is truly striking.

In order to establish contact between the exterior and the interior in country houses, windows allow light to enter. Large windows illuminate the space that surrounds the house.

Other colors for the Mediterranean style

In addition to white, warm colors are appropriate, especially earthy ones represented, mainly, through wood or nature. Any colors you choose must remind you of the countryside. So for this reason, you must include certain tones, remembering that neutrals fit anywhere.

As for blue, it reminds us of the Mediterranean Sea. It helps to refresh the environment, contrasts well with the other colors we mentioned above, and conveys the serenity we need to feel comfortable.

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