The Keys to a Cooler Home

Summer will be here soon. And when it does arrive, you'll be glad you followed these tips to have a cooler home!
The Keys to a Cooler Home

Last update: 20 January, 2022

Although thoughts of summer will keep you going throughout the winter, as the temperature starts to rise, the excess heat can end up becoming annoying. Therefore, we’re going to give you the keys to having a cooler home this summer, so that you can prepare in advance.

Prevent your home from becoming an oven this summer and enjoy cooler and more pleasant spaces. Ready to get started?

Block out the sun and enjoy a cooler home

Fix blinds.

When the sun beats down, it’s hard to keep the heat at bay. However, you can use some traditional tricks to keep your spaces cool.

One of these tricks is to close your windows and blinds during the hottest hours of the day. Keeping your home in the dark is the best way to prevent soaring temperatures inside your home. 

Don’t forget to ventilate for a cooler home

Closing your windows doesn’t mean not ventilating or closing them too tight. You already know the importance of having fresh air enter your environment and cross ventilation can considerably lower the temperature of your home. This type of ventilation occurs when more than one window is open and it causes a current of air to flow.

Open your windows first thing in the morning to renew the air and if you can, repeat this when the sun goes in.

Your curtains and blinds

Screen blinds.
Blinds on-screen /

Choosing the right fabric for your curtains or blinds will make your home more sheltered from the sun (and, also, from the cold).  The most recommended fabrics are thick and opaque textiles. You can install screen fabric blinds made with fiberglass and polyester that’ll also provide extra protection against UV rays. 

Textiles help to keep your home cooler

Changing your decor according to the season of the year is possible thanks to textile elements. In summer, you’ll need light and fresh fabrics such as linen or cotton.

You don’t need to change your entire upholstery, just add a cover to your sofa, change the cushions and temporarily replace thicker blankets and plaids.

Also, you can replace your winter rugs with fiber ones. These are cool and fresh, especially when you accompany them with a neutral color palette.

More plants equal more freshness

Perfect plants.

Growing plants at home bring so many benefits: from purifying the air to filling your home with joy and balancing energy. Equally, plants are also a powerful way to refresh your home interior.

Decorate your home with pots full of leafy plants and keep them moist by spraying them often. This will also help to keep your house cool during the summer.

Consider investing in insulation for a cooler home

Windows that close hermetically are able to keep homes cool in summer and warm in winter, by preventing heat or cold from escaping through the cracks. Moreover, installing these types of windows will help you to save money on your energy bills too.

Check the condition of your windows and if they’re in poor condition, consider changing them. It’s an investment that you may not have planned for, but in the long run, you’ll save a lot of money.

Choose solar-controlled glass too, as this reduces the amount of radiation absorbed by the glass without losing luminosity.

Ceiling fans

Ceiling fan for the living room.

If you don’t want to have your air conditioning on all day, a ceiling fan will help to cool the room. Choose one of one meter in diameter (if the room is less than twelve meters square) and for larger spaces, opt for models of 120 cm in diameter. 

Don’t overdo the air conditioning though, it’s not good for either your health or the environment. Try to hydrate often, avoid the sun entering your home during the hottest hours of the day, and don’t forget to introduce some indoor plants.

The best possible advice is to open your windows during the coolest time of the day and remember that summer only lasts for a few months–so enjoy the warmth!

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