How Do You Decorate with the Color Ochre?

Why not try ochre in your decor?
How Do You Decorate with the Color Ochre?

Last update: 09 October, 2020

The color ochre is a favorite for decorating because it brings light, vitality, and warmth. Are you going to use this color in your decor?

Ochre is ideal for those who like the bohemian style since it transmits warmth wherever it is in your home. If you like it as much as we do, learn how to use it in your home.

It’s a color that you associate with autumn. Nevertheless, it also reminds us of summer because of the rays of sun coming across the horizon. It gives shimmery touches and is a hue between yellow and mustard. And this tends to make it timeless.

However, it can be difficult to use it to decorate. So you’ll need to study it in order to combine it with your palette of colors. Read on to see the potential that it has to enrich and how you can use it in each one of your rooms.

Decorating with ochre in small doses

The color chre on bed linens


You probably like ochre tones, but you’re not sure about using it in large areas. The best thing about this color is that it’s a favorite to use for accessories, especially fabrics. Give a touch of ochre to your rooms with cushions, carpets, tablecloths, or bedding in this lively color. You can also choose to combine it with other colors through prints. It looks great with red, blue or green.

The color ochre on the walls

The oclor ochre on the walls


Because it’s a color that inspires both tranquility and joy it’s perfect for decorating the walls of any area of your house.

If you want to energize, you can combine it with white. But if you want a more daring look, paint one wall ochre and put up wallpaper with details in ochre on the other wall. You’ll be fascinated with the result!

Ochre and children

a child's bed with an ochre colored tent above it


Ochre is a favorite for children’s rooms if you want a break from pastels because it’s full of life. Because of this, it transmits light and positive vibes. So this makes it perfect for a child’s environment.

It’s great to combine it with gray or white as a neutral base and make ochre the main focus. Play with textiles, add some garlands, and decorate the walls. You’ll see that the kids will love it!

The color ochre as a focal point

An ochre color sofa


If your passion for the color ochre is intense and you want to go all out on decorating with it, there’s nothing more spectacular than a sofa.

Even better, is a sofa in velvet. Also, cotton or linen upholstery  work very well in ochre.

Make sure that the rest of the decor harmonizes. Add sparks of vibrant colors with prints in blue and a kilim for it to sit on.

Ochre with other colors

A nursery with ochre on the wall


  • Ochre and white – this is a sure bet because white matches everything.
  • Ochre and black – also a neutral color, but on this occasion, it’s elegant, dramatic, and glamorous.
  • Ochre and green – even though at first it can seem like an odd combination, if you can get the correct tone, you’ll have a natural environment with a lot of energy. It’s a perfect combination for the living room, or for patios and porches since it’s a great color for outdoor decor.
  • Ochre and brown – these are from the same family since ochre is actually brown with a lot of yellow pigmentation.  Therefore, they’re very compatible and create warm, organic, and rustic spaces.

Decorate with this color and convert your house into a cozy place. We’re sure that you won’t be sorry. Do you have plenty of ideas for ochre?